The “spy camera” idea has been around for a long while.  If we look back to George Orwell’s book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and you will find the streets of London, England lined with a surveillance camera on every street corner to control the population and to decrease crime.  In 1949, the date the book was published, the subject was almost utterly unthinkable and very controversial. 

In 2008, David Davis resigns over the erosion of civil liberties.  During his resignation speech, he states that there is a CCTV camera for every 14 UK citizens.  (Channel4News, 2008) In 2009, it was revealed that there are 4.2M CCTV cameras, which equates to one and one half times more than communist China.  (Kelly, 2009)  This figure was revised in 2011 to 1.85M CCTV cameras in a study conducted by deputy chief constable of Cheshire, Graeme, Gerrad.  (Reeve, 2011)  Using this CCTV study and the 2011 UK census calculations of 62,262,000 (BBC News 2011), there is 1 surveillance camera per approximately 30 people

David Davis Speaks About Civil Rights Concerns of Cameras and Biometrics

While the above information was just compiled for the UK, the scene is the same around the world.  More often, governments and police agencies have incorporated the use of security camera systems, biometrics and DNA databases in the name of “protecting” people.  There are several reality television shows that show viewers footage of suspects and criminals in action.  COPS, One of the first shows of these shows debuted in 1989 and provided footage from cameras mounted in their police vehicles.


23 years later after the debut of COPS the TV series, the general population has found to protect their rights and show their side of the story, the same tactics are necessary.  Groups such as Occupy Movement, Anonymous, and the Human Rights Organization have harnessed the ability to show what happens during protests and other political upheavals.  The use of video technology doesn’t stop there.

Video: Police pepper spraying and arresting students at UC Davis - Occupy movement

With smart phones, digital cameras and tablets that are capable of videotaping their surroundings, the use of surveillance by anyone is a reality.  With this said, there is a great dissension and distaste for those who videotape protests and other controversial events by government officials.  So much so that people with visible videotaping devices have become the primary targets. 

Enter Spy Cameras…

Below, you will find top picks for conspicuously videotaping events without becoming a primary target. 

#1 Spy Camera - Bluetooth Video Camera

Bluetooth Video CameraThere are two types of Bluetooth video cameras.  Both devices will record color video and take still shots.  The primary difference between both devices is whether you can make and receive telephone calls from the device as well.  The less expensive version looks like a Bluetooth device but is only capable of recording video footage.  The second and more expensive version, records video, captures pictures (3.0 megapixels), functions and a Bluetooth headset and records cellular conversations!

#2 Spy Camera - Button Hole Camera

Buttonhole Spy CameraThe buttonhole camera is small enough to fit through a standard button hole on shirt, while the 2.5” display fits in your pocket and includes a palm size remote control.  The price range for a buttonhole spy camera ranges between $60 and $200.  The biggest variation in pricing factors being the length of video, quality, and inclusion of a remote control.

#3 Spy Camera – Motion Detection Night Vision – Mini Video Spy Camera

Night Vision Spy CameraWhile this device is not as conspicuous as the other devices, it offers up video recording during total darkness (up to 15 ft.)  Because of the motion sensor technology, the device has a 10 day battery life.   This device is handheld and wireless.  This night vision campera can be mounted prior to use or carried for convenience. 



Human Reality Becomes a NightmareCredit: S Walker & PorahIt is rather ironic that an ideology that was once believed to be abhorrent has evolved into a protectionist platform where the government and its population fear for their personal security and freedoms.  So much so that the government feels that they need to protect its population with CCTV cameras on every street corner.  While its citizens feel is has become necessary to carry a camera phone, a tablet pc or even a spy camera in their pocket—just in case. 

There are many groups of people who believe that this year could be the end of the world.  The Mayan Calendar ends, several predictions and religious groups have offered no safe haven.  Personally, I wonder if it’s not necessarily the “end of the world” but more so the end of the world as we know it.  Technology may have a larger role in how we live and work in the world around us. 

For those of you who are actively changing the world around you, be careful and responsible.  Consider using a hidden camera such as the spy camera above.