Spy clock cameras operate and look like regular clocks but contain a secret DVR, or digital, video camera. Others models may include an audio recorder. Most of these devices are equipped with SD cards that store the recorded video and/or audio. The SD cards can be removed from the device and plugged into a computer or, in some cases, a cell phone for viewing. Most of them also have the option of connecting the device directly to a television or monitor for viewing using a video cable.

Recording options on these devices include: standard recording that stops when the SD card is full; motion detection that activates when motion is detected; overwriting that automatically starts over when the SD card is full and overwrites anything that is already on the card; and scheduling that you set to turn on and off at certain times of the day. Standard SD cards are usually one GB; however, there are also SD cards available with higher GB sizes that allow for longer recording times. Some of these devices are equipped with wireless so that a remote control can be used to turn them on and off when desired.

Spy clock

Spy clocks can be purchased that record in higher or lower resolutions. Resolution dictates the quality of the pictures that the device takes. The higher the resolution, the better the quality. Some spy devices that are available can record either color and/or black and white. Other options include date and time stamps on each frame; and spy devices that are equipped with night vision that record clearly during the night.

These secret spy devices are available in many different styles. Wall mounted, mini alarm clocks, digital radios, table time pieces, and many other styles can be purchased that look natural wherever they are placed for monitoring purposes. All of the styles look just like regular clocks so that no one will be able to tell that they contain a secret recording device.

These devices are ideal for monitoring babysitters or nannies, house cleaners, children's playrooms, or to see what your pets do while you are gone. If you have issues with individuals who you think are stealing or lying, these devices are a good option for assistance with resolving the problem. They are a cheaper alternative to surveillance camera systems and can be used anywhere that you need covert surveillance to monitor for safety or security purposes. Other products that include hidden cameras include tower fans, ink pens, and mini cameras.