Spyder RSX Paintball GunIt's all about the splat. That moment when the impact releases the dye and another one falls. The rush of it, the splat, the kill, the victory. In order to get the splat, the truly satisfying splat, you need a gun that's going to perform for you. The Spyder RSX delivers in all areas.

To get the splat you need a couple of things. You need to be able to shoot fast and accurate. The Spyder RSX comes with a Tadao ® Technologies circuit board which combines with the "3G" technology balanced valve system. The low operating pressure makes sure that the compressed air is used only as a propellant. It also makes sure you get the splat when you want the splat, not moments before. And it can keep it up.

There's a completely independent vented pressure relief on/off CA Adapter that maximizes the flow of air which is manipulated through the Fast Charge Inline Regulator. That way when you're squeezing off rounds (3 way adjustable Saber trigger with Adjustable Trigger Debounce Sensitivity) you get the splat you want when you want it where you want it.

There are five modes to get the splat with. Semi-auto "uncapped", semi-auto, PSP, Millennium Ramp and Burst (15 BPS Cap). It gets 30 BPS Rate of Fire so you can get the splat over and over again. The anti-chop Eye system is functional in all modes so you can keep your target in your sights, make sure that when you're ready for it you can get the splat you want, the splat you need.

Any gun is only as good as the person pulling the trigger. Only as good as your reflexes and your instincts. The trick is to get a weapon that will keep up. Well, this one will. The Spyder RSX gives you what you need when you need it.

Spyder RSX Paintball Gun Features

- Break Beam Eye
- Fast Charge Inline regulator with rubber grip
- Steel braided hose line
- Quick release delrin bolt
- Twist lock clamping feedneck
- 14" Two piece micro ported barrel
- External Velocity adjuster
- Wrap around grip
- Push button access membrane
- Micro gauge

Spyder RSX Paintball Gun PROS

Tadao Board
Easy to pop out bolt
On/off asa
30 bps
Fast, easy to use, reliable

Spyder RSX Paintball Gun CONS

The feed neck sits to high
Feedneck too wide

It's all about the splat. When you want it, when you need it, when you have to have it you will reach for your gear and head for the battle ground. When you get there, when you're primed and ready, The Spyder RSX will be ready too.