A square coffee table has always been very traditional in design but lately people have really been switching it out in favor of ottomans. However, there are a few ways that you can still bring in this very traditional shape. The key here is to make sure that it doesn't dominate your room. A rectangular table makes better use of your space but if you have a lot of room then a square coffee table can be the way to go. This is a classic style but a larger shape makes it more modern and even more special.


International Concepts OT-70SC Hampton Square Coffee Table Unfinished
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Glass Square Coffee Table

A glass square coffee table is something that was very popular a few decades ago but has recently become a little bit dated. You can really counteract this just by working with a piece that you already have and changing up the finish. A few years ago it was very popular to have a window pane kind of design style. It might even have a dated oak finish on it. You could really turn this into more of a cottage kind of design style quite easily. You might even be able to replace some of the glass with flat panels or even upholstered panels. This is especially important if the glass has been broken and it's too expensive to replace. This doesn't mean that you have to get rid of the entire table. It just may need a simple DIY project. Then continue the shabby chic theme just by painting out the rest of the table with a whitewashed kind of effect.


Baxton Studio Square Cocktail Table w Black Finish Top
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Unique Styles

When you go with an oversized square coffee table you really want to make sure that you have enough floor space to work around it. It's also important to really go with pieces that are going to be functional. Right now we are seeing a lot of dual purpose coffee tables. They may have ottomans underneath the coffee table. This is going to allow your guests to put their feet up, but it also serves as extra seating for parties. Plus, it just allows you to contrast both the leather in the wood tones although this will be one of the more expensive versions of coffee tables that you do buy.

You can also make sure that a large square coffee table is really dramatic. This is a way that you can just change up your typical table set that you might have had for a while. You can leave the end tables in their natural wood finish and then just paint that coffee table. It could be a fun checked pattern and can even serve as a game table for more of a country kind of design. You could also make it very modern or French inspired by stenciling a faint damask print over the top of this. Since it is such a large piece in your room you should really make it into a focal point. Just consider it as a large canvas that you can really work with.

Usually the square is a very modern shape. You can really work around this. You can find a large square coffee table with curved legs for more of a French inspired feeling. Then you can just put a glaze over your regular white finish to really get a very elegant kind of look.