The square recessed lighting has become a popular choice for many home dwellers not only because of their spectacular classy look but also the fact that they are relatively cheap. In these times when energy costs have reached alarming rates, these lights come in handy as they have been named as some of the best energy savers.

Why Square and Not Other Shapes?
• It's easier to cut out the square shape as compared to other shapes thus making installation of the lamp much easier.
• It's the most preferable for a tiled ceiling as less damage is likely to occur if the ceiling is cut out along the seams of the tiles. This is made better by the fact that manufactures are now making the lights in different sizes to match almost all tile sizes.

Features of the Square Recessed Lighting
The light has an image of a pot or can hence the name 'pot light' and 'can light'. It is usually embedded on the ceiling or sometimes on the wall to give an impression of an emitting floodlight shining on a particular place. The light is not exposed to dust as the sockets and cables are hidden thus maintaining it is very easy.

The light has two main parts: the housing is the main body of that covers the drilled hole. The trim is a flat ring that lies on the ceiling and is the part that's seen by onlookers. The trim may be the same color as the ceiling in order to blend in or may have distinctive designs to give a bolder look.

Forms of Square Recessed Lighting
The incandescent fixtures are better suited for lower ceilings and are combined with reflectors to give a better general lighting. They are also relatively less costly.
The fluorescent fixtures are most suitable for higher ceilings. They are the best for energy conservation although relatively expensive.

Benefits of Square Recessed Lighting
• It creates a focused effect especially if there is a particular piece of work one would like to showcase. The effect is similar to a spotlight on an entertainment floor.
• Creates a less intrusive feel such that when it's off, it is very hard to know that it actually exists.
• They come with retrofits units that helps convert existing lights into lower voltage for as low as 12 volts. These retrofit have a detailed manufacturer's manual which makes it easier to fix them.

The light is not suitable for all kinds of houses given the various materials used to make the ceilings. For a concrete ceiling or one that has intricate designs it would be very hard to make space on which the light can be embedded.

Similarly it's important to note that spacing the lights is important. The recommended space size is 25 to 30 square feet apart.

If by any chance you miss out on the square recessed lightingyou want there is a customized solution to match your individual taste especially through online orders.