Square AppCredit: www.knowlitz.com

Regardless if you are a personal trainer, dog trainer, or selling lemonade if you have a smartphone you can take credit card payments. No more checks, or floating cash to worry about.

Square is an app you can download on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android.

With the simple and attractive interface it lets you accept all major credit cards for a small fee. The app itself is free to use.

Square App Home PageCredit: www.squareup.comThe best way to get hooked up with Square is to visit the Square Web site.

Signing up for the service is as easy as filling out some basic tax information. For example for an individual, it would be the social security number and some other minor personal info. The people at Square are very adamant about protecting all your information.

Once you are signed up for an account, Square will send you the free card reader. This little device is a tiny white plastic square, at 0.75 by 0.75 by 0.75 inches, which plugs into the headset of your smartphone. Once you are plugged in you can start accepting payments. The system works via Wi-Fi or your service data plan.



Square will take a small percentage of every swipe. They have it listed on their website at 2.75% of the total transaction regardless of the amount. If you need to key in the credit card number then the fee rises to 3.5%. The reason for this hike is because keyed-in card numbers are less secure.

Basically you’ll get $.9725 for every dollar. This type of fee is comparable to the service, which Paypal offers.



Merchants can track their sales history via the app or through the Square website. It is also very easy to link your bank information to your Square account. Every 24 hours Square will automatically deposit all your transactions of income into your account.



If you are starting out with your own business, are mobile, or are a street vendor this is a nifty way of collecting payment. It’s quick and slick. Put your phone to work…and guess what at the end of the year you could probably write-off your smart phone from your taxes.