What about extended warranty coverage? These are extended insurance for purchases that are more than often turned down by the consumer without much thought. The reason is often this: it’s just extra, not urgent cost. This article will make you think twice about not reading the fine print on such offers the next time the opportunity gets knocking.

Extra protection always

Extended warranty for high-tech electronics must always be considered, especially by gadget owners who move about and travel a lot, or those who are simply prone to missteps when it comes to personal belongings. It’s always smart to be extra protected. Putting extra locks on doors, installing one more alarm, downloading a more updated anti-virus computer software are everyday –these are commonplace, habitual activities.

Accidental damage coverage may just soon be part of consumer routine. Ask yourself this, if you haven’t done it before: Is accidental injury to your expensive smart phone covered in the stock warranty? The answer is usually, no. Unfortunately, most do not realize the disadvantage of such a set-up until a mobile phone makes an accidental dive to the swimming pool, or a crash from out of the condominium window.

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We’ll tell you why instead. The convenience and functionality of a gadget is in direct proportion to its fragility. This is by no means a universal law, and some mobile phone manufacturers have put together very durable mobile products.

But many people know all to well that it’s very easy to marinate a phone in coffee or iced tea, or crush it between the couch on a night of wonderful inebriation. Unfortunately, it is not that easy for everyone to replace a smart phone that is suddenly in too many small non-functional pieces with a brand new one.

Companies understand this predicament very well. It is certainly reasonable to add extended warranty for any new brand of smart phone. If you think about it, paying for extra coverage is ultimately kinder to the pocket than buying a new smart phone that has all the features that makes life and work so convenient.

Every situation covered

Imagine all possible scenarios of full liquid immersion. Not that you’d intentionally subject your smart phone to such torture. You can be as creative, unusual, and bizarre, but you can sleep easy and count on being provided with a new phone. Dropped your phone into a flood brought about by a sudden storm surge? We hope no such calamity will happen to you, but you need not worry about the phone. It’s covered.

Accidentally let the phone slip from your hand and into a full sink as you’re taking another profile picture? Left the phone in a pants pocket that’s now whirling away in a washer-dryer? The next thing you know, you’re holding on (a bit tighter this time) to a new one. And this is all just because you have finally said yes to  these prevailing extended warranties.

It takes a few days to claim the phone, but as soon as it is within coverage, you are guaranteed a replacement. While you are at it, better get extra coverage for your laptop and tablet as well. You can check out the list of electronic devices that may be insured and just do the paperwork all in one go. For sure you’ll be the better for it.