Killing time by hanging out and simply waiting while you do nothing except stare at a TV is wasting your time. If you write articles for money then you need to better utilize your time.

If you have the TV on then you might as well be pumping out some new articles while you have the TV going.

Buy a Laptop

A laptop is portable. If you need to take your kids to the park then you can type out some new articles while your kids play on the playground equipment. Reading a romance novel while your kids play may be fun but it will not help you to increase your InfoBarrel earnings.

Smart Phone with QWERTY Keyboard

If you buy a smart phone with a full QWERTY keyboard you can type out articles from anywhere. If you are sitting in the bathroom at McDonalds then you can work on an article. Why stare at the graffiti on the stall wall when you can be increasing your InfoBarrel earnings.

Virgin Mobile Wireless Internet

Virgin Mobile has lowered their pricing on their mobile WIFI. If you go camping or are away from the Internet you can still have Internet. By publishing your articles sooner you will be able to earn money from them faster.

Write Away

Everybody can squeeze in at least one extra article per day. Over the course of a year you will have at least an extra 365 article published on InfoBarrel. Extra 365 articles published to your InfoBarrel folio will definitely help you earn more money each month.

If you do not write an article for InfoBarrel then you cannot earn off of it. I wrote a handful of articles at the park one day while my daughter was playing on the playground equipment. I wrote 10 articles before my battery went dead. That night when I returned home I published them on InfoBarrel.

These 10 articles have earned me well over $50 since they have been published. I wrote all of them off the top of my head. If I had not taken my laptop to the park then I never would have written these articles. These articles continue to earn me money each month and will for the rest of my life. If I had not written these articles then I would have never earned the money for them.

Article Writing Factory

Writing articles is similar to a factory. You produce the product which is the articles and then you make money off of them. If a factory is shut down and does not produce their product then they cannot sell the product and make money. Unlike an actual factory, you can continue to earn money with your articles that you publish on InfoBarrel over and over again.

What if InfoBarrel had been around 10 years ago0 and you got involved as a writer and wrote 20 articles per month for them? You would now have over 2,400 articles on InfoBarrel. Imagine how much money you would be making! Granted InfoBarrel did not exist 10 years ago but 10 years from today you don't want to look back and regret not writing more articles.

Look to the future but spend today writing. Write a lot of articles for InfoBarrel and it will pay off for you.