If you are new to making money online or if you have a limit to your writing abilities (you either don’t like to write or maybe English is not your first language) you might have a hard time figuring out how to get started with writing articles that get results.  Or maybe you just don’t have a lot of time to commit to writing articles in depth.  If any of those apply to you, I’ve found a great system that I’m using myself, even though I’ve been writing online for many years.

The system is called Squick Money.  It’s easy to use and easy to understand.  It’s about making Squidoo lenses faster and easier.  Squidoo is a great platform for making money online. You don’t need to have an Adsense account or an Amazon account (although if you do have an Amazon account you can use your own links in your lenses if you like).

Here’s a few things that I found when I bought it myself:

  • It really does only take about 15 minutes to make a lens on Squidoo using this system.
  • You don’t have to spend ages doing keyword research, although if you do know how it you can add your own research methods to make it even better.
  • The system tells you exactly what modules (sections) that you should use.
  • The book tells you how to use those modules for best results.
  • Each section give you actionable steps to take so that you are never in doubt of what you should do next.

I bought this system and started using it immediately and I’m keeping track of all my results.  I think it is important to always track your results so that you can see if what you are doing is worth it.  Although I have other lenses on Squidoo, I am trying to keep strictly to the  methods that are recommended in Squick Money so that I can truly see how effective they are.

What do I expect?  I think that these new lenses I am building are going to do very well and I am eagerly anticipating the results! 

Who is this book for?

It is for anyone that wants to learn how to make money online but doesn’t have a lot of time to read instructions every day.  It is for the person who doesn’t really like writing that much or has a limited command of the English language (although you must have some basic English skills!).  It is for the person who wants to just get right to work and start seeing results.

Give it a shot.  Squick Money is an awesome system for anyone that wants to spend only 15 minutes a day building an online business!

******Please note!********

I no longer actively promote the Squick Money program because since Squidoo has changed a lot of their rules, this system just won't work. I have removed all links from this article because of that.

So Can You Still Make Money with Squidoo?

Yes!  In fact, I have seen an increase in earnings since they have made the changes.  I do have a lot of lenses that I need to fix up but my quality lenses are getting more attention.

Here are a few tips based on my lenses that are doing well:

  • Still focus on product oriented lenses but make them personal. Why do you like these products?  What's so great about them?  
  • Try to use products that you actually own in your lenses. Include pictures that you've taken yourself and even videos if you can.
  • Less is more when it comes to products - display only the best products on your lenses.
  • Tell a story. What made you aware of the product?  How have you used it?  What other uses might it have?
  • Poll your friends and include the results in your lens!

The Squidoo Success Formula

The Squidoo Success Formula Training Guide - Everything You Need To Know To Make Money From Squidoo!
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Dec 13, 2015)
This is my other favorite Squidoo book. It is the first one I bought. It's not necessarily a system but it is a good book for those who are just getting started and have a lot of questions and want to get them fast without having to find places to answer them.

**This book still includes the basic and still has lots of valid information for the new Squidoo lens writer.