Week 2 Updates

january 2013 calendarCredit: http://www.istockphoto.com

So far I’m behind schedule with creating lens for my 52 week Squidoo challenge. At this point in my challenge, I should have had fourteen lenses completed. Since the month isn’t over, I still have a chance to create 30 lenses. I'm going to have to really get focused and maximize the remaining days left. To see the beginning of my challenge click here.

So what have I been doing so far?

Lens creation

I’ve created five new lenses for my Squidoo challenge this month. The lenses are raincoats for girls, Western Chief Girls Hello Kitty Froggy Raincoat, Western Chief Girls Hello Kitty Polka Dot Cutie Raincoat, Red handbag & Purple handbags.

Part of my delay is a learning curve and part is lack of time. Working full time and taking care of family responsibilities really puts a damper on the amount of time I'm able to work on my lenses.  

Payment tiers and rankings

My first lens, raincoats for girls is ranked in the third payment tier. The other lenses are not ranked in a payment tier. I’m hoping that after some time goes by, they will eventually climb the ranks.

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Backlinking to lenses

I’ve been mainly using social bookmarking, social media, pinging and rss directories to backlink my lenses. I’ve been debating if I want to create articles or continue to publish more lenses. I think for now, I’m going to work on the lenses. Maybe if I complete my goal for the month ahead of schedule, I’ll work on more backlinking.


Market Samurai and Google keyword tools are the main research tools I’ve been using find lens ideas. I’ve been looking for low competition keywords that I might be interested in for creating new lenses. I’ve also been looking into other affiliate programs to promote. 

Promotion resources

Amazon has been the main source of monetization for my lenses. Since creating affiliate links directly to Amazon takes a lot of time, I've been using the Squidoo Amazon modules. Even though these modules will produce less income for me, for now it's worth it since I'm short on time.

Recently I've been exploring additional affiliate networks to monetize my lenses. Some affiliate networks are easier to join and get links but their products are questionable or just don’t seem interesting. I have been able to find a few products that I plan on creating lenses about.  I've completed the primarily keyword research but now I need to start writing the lenses and publishing them.