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On the 13th anniversary of 9/11, I decided not to write. I wanted to reflect on the events of that moment in history and remember my friends and colleagues who voluntarily helped our friends south of the border.

But the business world never stops - and Squidoo was no exception.

Yesterday, in an HQ post titled An Update on September Earnings, Corey Brown attempted to quash rumours that people would not be paid their entitled earnings.

I found it fascinating that numerous responses [by people who haven't been banned to comment] seem pleased by his limited explanations.

I decided to take a screenshot of his announcement (shown next) since Squidoo has been known to alter their official announcements and unauthored FAQ reports in the past.

An Update on September Earnings by Corey Brown
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Okay, Let's Break it Down

First of all, the conversion of lenses is "going well."

The likely explanation for that is as follows:

Content was already moved prior to September 2nd, 2014.

How do I know? Because when I edited out everything on my lens Under a Porch & Into our Hearts the score card still gave it a 72/100 completion rating.

Edited out all content on lens and scorecard still gave it 72/100
Credit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel / All rights reserved

Even More Compelling

Around early July 2014, I noticed a prompt on my Google Analytics report.

It stated:

Tracking Code Mismatch
Tracking code on page www(dot)squidoo(dot)com does not match property
SousababySquidoo's tracking ID UA-[8 digit number]-1

When I looked for more information, it said:

Missing Tracking Code
At least 351 pages are missing valid tracking code for property

Here's the thing: I had already deleted about 50 articles from Squidoo (with the intention of putting some of them on InfoBarrel). So by mid-July, I only had about 300 or so lenses on Squidoo (or so I thought).

My Theory: If Squidoo had already begun to secure content to be transferred, all 351 lenses would possibly have a HubPages redirect (in place) on them. This alteration with the URLs would likely cause a tracking code mismatch.

Why Were We Told September 2nd?

Corey Brown has stated the following numerous times in various posts: 

If you haven’t deleted your account by August 29, 2014, your account and pages will be moved automatically to HubPages beginning on September 2nd.

Remember: For many of you, your content is being moved without YOUR consent.

I think the reason that we were told September 2nd is as follows:

So Squidoo could collect ad pool revenue for everything in August and potentially September as well.

By forcing you to take some sort of action by August 29th, you forfeited any right you had to ad pool revenue for that pay period. And by "pay period" that would mean the preceding 60 days.

A friend of mine deleted all of his lenses on August 20th. Now it appears he has given up all of his ad pool earnings for June and July (and a good portion of August). The only thing he is left with is Amazon and eBay royalties.

It would appear that Corey Brown's responses to the following questions confirms this.

Corey Brown Advises to Submit a Bug Report

"If you deleted before July and haven't been paid"

Corey Brown's response to ad pool revenue
Credit: Screenshot by RoseWrites

Deleted in August?

"Only gets you Amazon and eBay royalties"

What about lenses deleted in August?
Credit: Screenshot by RoseWrites

Now Here's the Kicker

In his cleverly worded post Corey Brown states:

Until your lenses are deleted or transferred, we are recording your revenue data as usual.

Then he adds:
 ...if your lenses remained on Squidoo for any part of September, your earnings for those days will be combined with earnings from August in our next payment.
Lastly, Corey Brown sums it all up with this statement:
In other words, any revenue generated by lenses will be paid for as long as they remain live on Squidoo.

Notice this Folks? 

Corey Brown only gives two options:

Until your lenses are deleted or transferred...

But I cannot delete my lenses and I cannot edit them. Nor can I delete my entire account - even though the revised Squidoo and HubPages Transition FAQ states clearly that if you want to take your content elsewhere, that's fine.
So why is it that you and I cannot access our own content? We cannot edit or delete it yet Squidoo can display it publicly well into September with ads showing on all of our lenses? And the worse part is that now we may even face duplicate content issues/penalties because of this.
Aren't you and I entitled to our fair share of the ad pool revenue too? And why can't we access our content (without clicking on a HubPages link) to delete it and put it elsewhere?

We Need to Know these Answers

What about the lensmasters who were away and didn't know about the August 15th announcement and those who didn't make any decision (for whatever reason) to forfeit ad pool revenue by deleting lenses/accounts by August 29th, 2014?

If people (for whatever reason) did not click a transfer button or a link on HubPages and were unable to delete their accounts/lenses by August 29th, how is it that Squidoo is continuing to deny them access to their content? Particularly since you acknowledged that going to another platform was fine.

And since Squidoo is continuing to keep our content publicly accessible (for Ads, Amazon, eBay, and "some" partners), will Squidoo be paying lensmasters their rightful share of all four things?

If not, why?

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