The mission of St Jude Hospital is to advance treatments for cancer, especially concerning children. It is a hospital dedicated to only children and offers a wide range of advanced treatments for all different types of cancer. Their vision is to leave no child suffering from cancer untreated. They are completely committed to their patients and to their research. The treatments that they offer are so successful because the physicians are also scientists. It is through the advanced amount of research done at their hospital that many new methods of fighting cancer have been discovered.


One of the things that St Jude Hospital specializes in is the treatment of brain tumors. After the diagnoses of a brain tumor, it is more than likely that the child will have to have surgery. The hope with the surgery is that the entire tumor will be able to be extracted so that it will not be able to grow back. Afterward, the child is usually given several rounds of radiation treatment to increase the likelihood that the entire tumor is destroyed.


St Jude Hospital also deals with a lot of patients suffering from both Leukemia and Lymphoma. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments are usually the best thing that can be used to fight both of these, although stem cell experimentation has been proving to be effective. Most of the treatments are administered as out-patient procedures, but they need to be given frequently enough that they patient usually has to remain in Memphis for the first stage of their treatments.


Solid cancerous tumors that can be located throughout the body are usually treated through surgery if that is an option. However, sometimes the tumors are too big, or are located in too dangerous of a location to attempt an extraction. The next step is to then try to shrink the tumor through chemotherapy treatments. If a solid tumor can eventually be successfully extracted, the chances of it returning are very slim.


These are just some of the many types of treatments that St Jude Hospital offers. No child with cancer will ever be turned away at St Jude, no matter how rare the form that they have is. Helping save childrens' lives is their passion and discovering new methods of cancer treatments is their goal.