Only coral island in Bangladesh

Pearl in the sea

St. Martin is a small island in the south eastern part of Bangladesh. This is the southern most point of Bangladesh. It is in the north east part of Bay of Bengal. This island is almost flat and is 3.6 meter above sea level and about 8 kilometer long. St. Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh. Exotic view of the sea, simple life style of the natives, quiet, peaceful and full of enthusiasm made this island best tourist island of Bangladesh.

St.Martin is a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh for both local and foreign travelers in Bangladesh. It is like a pearl dot in the Bay of Bengal. It is situated at the entrance of Bangladesh-Myanmar border river Naaf. The old name of this island is "Narikel Jinjira" means coconut garden. In 1717 christian priest father Martin came in this island and since then it has been named as Saint Martin's island.

Don't see only...feel the island 

this island is much for feeling inside than seeing. You see the bay, the beach, coconut trees, birds, hear the sound of the waves like a melody , all of these you dont just see or hear, you feel them inside as well. Such a strong appeal is there in St.Martin's island.

How to get there         

This island is seperated from the main land, 20 kilometer away from Teknaf (the south most sub district of Bangladesh). Total distance from Dhaka to St. Martin is 510 km.

Getting there is a two part journey. 

First go to Teknaf. There are several bus services to Teknaf from Dhaka ranging from budget to luxurious. You can reach Teknaf also from Chittagong or Cox's Bazar.

From Teknaf, take motor boat, sea truck or launch to St.Martins which is about two hours journey. No helicopter service has been developed yet in this route, so water way is the only way.       

Naaf river, way to St. Martin's island

Naaf river

Where to stay 

If you enjoy staying in cottages in an island, don't miss to stay here also in St.Marins coz there are some wonderful resorts here. Real rural cottages are nicely decorated in the resorts. So, you will also be able to feel the ancient surroundings where there is no electricity at late night, get water only from coconut, moon lit bright night..its all thrill.

Every resort is along the beach. So, beach is where you actually stay. Most famous resorts among those are Shimana Periey, Nil Digonte etc. There are some hotels also here to stay such as Prashad Paradise, Blue Marine, Abakash parjatan motel etc.

Thing to do

You can go around this island by motor boats. It is only about 8 km long and about 1000 meter to 1500 meter wide. Sun bathing is so enjoyable here as this island is so quiet. There are few facilities here for scuba diving and snorkelling. 

Most attractive sight in St.Martin is Cherra dwip (detached island). This is a tiny part of this island which becomes detached from the main island during high tide. Her the water is so blue and quiet. Life under water is so nice to watch here.