four leaf clover

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching. Here are some fun activities to do with the kids on this Irish Holiday.

1. Find the Four Leaf Clover: Here is a good searching game for kids to play.
What you will need:
-Green Construction Paper
Take a few pieces of green construction paper. Cut out as many three leaf clovers as you can. Save enough room to cut out a four leaf clover. Hide them around the house and whoever finds the four leaf clover wins

2. Make Four Leaf Clover Cookies: Make a St. Patrick’s day treat easy enough for the kids to help.
What you will need:
-Favorite Batch of cookies
-Four leaf clover cookie cutter
-Green frosting
Make your batch of cookies. Take the four leaf clover cookie cutter. Frost them green and add some sprinkles.

3. Make a Four Leaf Clover Necklace: Make a fun St. Patrick’s Day Craft.
What you will need:
-Light Green Foam piece
-Dark green foam piece
-Black Yarn
-Black Beads
Using light green and dark green foam pieces, cut four leaf clovers. Punch holes in the top of all pieces. Cut a long piece of black yarn. Place a dark green clover through the yarn. Place a bead through the yarn to space them out. Place a light green clover and another bead through the yarn. Repeat for as long as you want the necklace.

4. Find the Pot of Gold: Try this treasure hunt game with your kids. They will love the reward at the end.
What you will need:
-A bowl
-Chocolate Gold Coins
-Paper and Pen
Take the bowl and fill it with the chocolate coins. Write up clues for your kids to follow and hide the bowl. They will love searching for the hidden treasure.

5. Four Leaf Clover Jell-O: If cookies aren’t your thing, you can also make four leaf clovers out of Jell-O.
What you will need:
-Green Jell-O
-4 Leaf Clover cookie cutter
Make the instant Jell-O and pour it into a casserole dish. Chill in the refrigerator. When Jell-O is hardened, use the cookie cutter to cut out four leaf clovers. If you want to be more creative, use Orange Jell-O and a circle shaped cookie cutter to make gold coins.