What Is the Meaning of St Patricks Day? Make It Irish!

Ireland is a treasure chest of great gifts

St. Patricks day is supposed to be a celebration of everything Irish - but it's been taken over through the years by the shamrock and leprechaun and green beer folks - not that there's anything wrong with these traditional Irish icons. But if you are Irish, or your lover is Irish, you might want to think about getting something that really celebrates St Patricks Day - meaning, something that goes a bit deeper into Irish culture, history, and even geography. The Irish  have a long history and the Emerald Isle has produced some of the world's best jewelry, art, literature, music - and whiskey!

green beer(81912)Credit: PDClipart.org

Many Irish Americans can trace their family history back to specific counties in ireland. A great gift for those lucky folks would be something from that area that has symbolism or art that identifies it as coming from that part of the island. Often by finding a web site and contacting the local government, you can find outlets that sell online gifts with what you are looking for - quotes, artwork, coats of arms, maps, and so on.  Make it Irish!

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Celtic jewelry is known the world over for its clean yet intricate designs. You can find bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches, earrings, brooches and pendants, all with Celtic symbls and designs that will delight your Irish lover on the one day of the year that celebrates Ireland.  Erin Go Bragh! (say it on St Patricks Day, meaning Ireland Forever!)

Irish literature has no equal on the world stage - but drama is just one of the genres that Irish authors  have mastered and produced masterpieces in. Poetry by Auden, Yeats and Haney, novels and short stories by James Joyce and Frank O'Connor - the examples go on and on. Irish literature is a treasure trove for the person with an Irish background, or for anyone with an ability to appreciate masterpiece-level writing, wherever it comes from. The gift of literature from the Emerald Isle will make this St Patricks Day one to remember. Go Irish!

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Irish music is something that everyone knows - whether they realize it or not. Van Morrison, the Chieftains, U2, Enya, the Cranberries, the Pogues, Sinéad O'Connor - all of these and thousands of more traditional Irish musicians have stepped onto the world stage and have been recognized for their excellence. There are so many genres to choose from, ranging from traditional drinking songs to modern Irish punk rock, that a gift-giver can't help but find something for that special lad or lass to put on the old mp3 player - as long as it's Irish!


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When it comes to whiskey, there is no disputing the fact that Ireland makes the best in the world. Irish whiskeys in fancy packages make wonderful gifts for the drinking Irish person - is there an Irish person who doesn't fit in here somewhere? And the plain old bottle will do in most cases - Bushmill's, Tullamore Dew, Jameson - these are world-famous spirits, and a bottle of any one of them would bring a smile to the face of a real Irish person. Long live Irish whiskey!

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So if you're looking for a suitable gift for St Patricks Day - meaning, anything that's Irish with some class, not some K-Mart t-shirt or JC Penney boxer shorts - you can't go wrong with a gift that says real Ireland. Whether it's art, jewelry, literature, music, or whiskey - or a sampling of all of them in one big Irish gift basket - St Patricks Day will be a wee bit brighter for everyone with a real Irish gift.