Florida attracts people from all over the globe year after year. I know that I try to make a trip as often as I can. It is so nice to be able to step away from the old desk and trade in my work wear for a pair of flip flops and a pair of shorts. Florida is a great travel destination for several reasons, the main one being that it is one of the nicest beaches around. It is also semi affordable, but most of all, people flock to Florida every year to get out on the water. Whether its fishing in Destin, or taking a pontoon for a ride in St. Petersburg, Florida has it all. There are a lot of topics to cover in this post, but the main topic of choice is going to be boat and Jet Ski rentals in St. PetersburgFlorida. Basically, what I want to achieve here is a sort of guide to renting boats and jet skis in St. Petersburg Florida.

The first topic of discussion pertains to where you can rent a boat in St Pete. The first place that I know of is off of Blind Pass Road called Frenchy's. This place has been around for quite awhile and is a great location for renting a boat or jet ski. I like this particular place many reasons, but one of the main one is their selection. This place has a lot to pick from if you want to rent watercraft. They have many different kinds of boats to choose from, including pontoons. You can find this boat rental location near John's Pass and Pass-A-Grille Marina. It is not very close to these locations, but it is in the general area. If you take a boat tour or trip with the boat rental Florida service that I mentioned a few lines ago, then you will have the chance to go by John's Pass and many other locations. One of the best parts about renting a boat from them is that the prices are really great. I think we spent a little over $200 dollars for a five hour trip. This is not the only boat and jet ski rental in St Petersburg, but it is a good one that I have used. Dave's boat rental service is a another one as well.