Great Rentals at St. Simons Island

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St. Simon is located in the state of Georgia. This place has a great historical significance. Wood from 2000 live oak trees on this island was used in the formation of the US constitution during the American Revolution. Another place that has great significance is the famous St. Simon’s lighthouse, which was built in 1810. The place was known for cotton production in the mid 1800’s. You can visit these places during your trip to St. Simon or you can enjoy activities like kayaking, biking and sailing. In addition, you can entertain yourself in the community theatre. St. Simon Island is a big place having many attractions. You should enlist your preferences and travel accordingly. As far as renting a place to stay is concerned, there are five things you should look for

  1. The view has to be good.
  2. The place should be located close to the attractions you want to see.
  3. If you are visiting with family, the rented place should be in a nice and friendly neighborhood.
  4. The place should be comfortable to live in.
  5. The rented place should be located close to the beach.

If you want some private time, you can head to the nearby island known as the Little St. Simon Island, which can only be accessed by boats. Following account some of the best St. Simon Vacation Rentals.

 Mosley Cottage #1 St. Simons Island Vacation Rental

 This place is located at 600 feet above the Atlantic Sea level. The house offers 5 bedrooms and 4 baths. This is a great place to stay for families visiting the island. Internet facilities such as Wi-Fi are also available. Go to this place with your extended family. You can hike and bike too in the area and can enjoy the beauty of this place.

 Beach Club 202- #2 Vacation Rental for St. Simons Island

 This is a resort which offers many services. You can swim in the oceanfront pool, or enjoy the beautiful scenery sitting in the pool area. You can even play tennis here, and keep yourself energized. The condos are properly furnished with all the luxuries you would want. Choose this for your St. Simons Island rental and you will not be disappointed.

 The Beach House- #3 Vacation Rental Idea for St. Simons Island

 This spot is one of the most highly rated vacation areas. It is not so hard to comprehend why. The place is located close to the beach and the neighborhood is nice and warm. You can enjoy hiking and biking on the East Coast. There are many shops located in the area close by where you can shop. The interiors of the house are really beautiful too.

 Cedarwalk 492- #4 St. Simons Island Vacation Rental Spot

 This place located in the north of the island allows you a lot of privacy. However, it still lies in close proximity to the restaurants and shops. The interiors of the home are well decorated, warm and bright. If you go for exploration, you can locate some of the exquisite local fauna.

 Courtyard Villa C-6- #5 St. Simons Island Vacation Rental

 This is again one of the St. Simon vacation rentals that give you the quite atmosphere you need. The place is located close to the Village and Pier. This place has recently been renovated, and looks even better. You will have two bicycles, outdoor seating and charcoal grill at your disposal.

 There are so many great activities and adventures waiting for you at St. Simons Island. When looking for a rental there are many options. Decide what is important for your family and look for that perfect rental. The five vacation rentals mentioned above would be perfect for any family vacation at St. Simons Island.

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