By doing aero pilates you will be stabilizing your spine so your body will have the correct position before you start your exercise. With traditional pilates you are given instructions on how to align your spine to get the best out of exercising without pushing your joints to a point of being strained. By doing aero exercises you use equipment to aid in proper positioning of your body before you start your routine.

Pilates began as a way to use your body and mind to condition and strengthen your muscles. After practicing this method of exercising, it is believed that your body will move in balance without having to engage the mind. The correct positioning of your spine will become an automatic response.

Breathing properly is another crucial part of pilates. You are instructed to try and empty your lungs completely before inhaling. This is part of the concentration of the mind and body working together.  Exhaling is just as important, you are told to notice the abdominal and pelvic muscles and maintain this focus as you inhale.

By using equipment to aid in proper alignment of your body, you can focus on the breathing and the movements during exercising. This will lead to a better workout. You will be able to learn the very precise movements that are essential when doing pilates quicker. Instead of worrying about if your body is aligned perfectly and trying to adjust constantly you can focus on the movements which gives you a better workout.

By doing aero pilates you will be able to teach your body to move in balance without having to give consideration to if you properly aligned before doing the exercises. Trainers say that your body is tricked into correcting the imbalances you have when you stand and move. Of course most of the exercises are done while you are lying down.

Training in this way balances your body and keeps your spine stable and curved correctly, while making your muscles strong and flexible. This type of exercise adds the cardio workout to your routine, which is what some people thought were missing from the traditional form of pilates. There is resistance with the use of the equipment that accounts for the increase in your heart rate.

Since this is still pilates you will not get much of a cardio workout but there are people that are happy with the small increase in their heart rate. If you are looking for a low impact workout that will align your body properly, strengthen your muscles, and get you in shape this is definitely something you will want to try.

Doing the aero workout also keeps you off the ground and allows for a greater range of motion and resistance training. The equipment comes in many models and all have adjustable resistance levels.  Before purchasing a piece of aero pilates equipment make sure that it fits your home and what you are trying to accomplish with this method of exercising, and check users´reviews to make sure that the equipment will be up to your standards.