Stackable office chairs

Whenever you are worried about saving space and want to purchase chairs that can be piled on top of one another, stackable office chairs always come in-handy. Stackable office chairs also serve as extra seats for guests whenever the hall and auditorium seating capacities are maxed. They can be used to host friends or family members who come to visit at the office. They have long metallic legs and a short back size which explains all the stacking up properties.

Cost of stackable office chairs

This group of office chairs is very affordable and is available for rent in large quantities in many rental stores. However, a new stackable chair would cost about twenty to forty dollars in most stores. It costs less to ship stackable chairs unlike the average office chair that weighs more than fifty pounds .In addition, they are multi- purpose in nature – widely used in meetings, social events, and large gatherings. Stackable office chairs are cheap but are sold in different styles and colors to blend into any style and setting.

Advantages of stackable office chairs

They are damage-proof, less prone to wear and tear, and chair forms are still kept after being stacked up in piles. They are lightweight and easy to lift by hands without much effort. Transportation is very convenient with the use of carts or vans in small or large quantities from spot to spot and it doesn't take much time to assemble stackable chairs in factories, because of the simplicity of their construction.

Stackable chairs can be stored in garages and store rooms for as long as possible without any need for sprays and polish but should be covered with large rubber or nylon sheaths to reduce the energy that will be spent on dusting if they are left open.

Furthermore, they are easy to clean and maintain needing little or no lubrication. Most stackable chairs can be washed with soap and water. Plastic stackable chairs are great for outdoor events due to the no stain nature plastics possess. Mud and dirt mounds that accumulate under seats can easily be washed off. However, chairs upholstered with fabrics need proper cleaning agents when smudge marks appear.

Choosing a high quality stackable office chair

When it comes to buying stuff, a lot of people are always in a hurry and do not assess products carefully before purchasing them. Every product has limits to the service it provides and should be checked to avoid regrets. For stackable office chairs the following should be noted:

The durability of the plastic - the strongest plastic chairs are the aluminum and steel. Construction is done with padded cloth, leather, and vinyl materials with frames of metal, wood, aluminum and plastic. The average lifetime of these kinds of chairs is about 10 years or more.

Comfort - Some chairs are more comfortable than others so it is wise to take a good look at the upholstery.

Standards - Stackable office chairs should meet high standards listed by the certifying agencies in the country it was manufactured example- ANSI (American national standard requirements)

Size - The size of the stackable chair should serve the purpose for which it is meant to fulfill. Conference chairs are bigger than party chairs and have a seat height of up to 40inches.