Things to think about before the Stag Party.

Well, I am heading into my mid 30’s and it seems I am attending stag party after stag party and I have to say that some people just cannot organise a party if their life depended upon it!

 So, I want to give a helping hand to all you lucky guys who get left with the duty of organising a stag for what would be, most likely, your best friend.

Organising a stag’s party just doesn’t stop with organising a day out with the boys. No, not at all, you have to remember that this day is just as important to the groomsmen as the wedding itself. This is why you will need to plan it to the finest detail to make sure a fun and adventurous, however safe and legal day unfolds! Here are some things to think of;

1)      Invitations; just who are you going to invite. Is it in your hands who you invite, does the groomsmen want other people who you may not know? An Idea for invitations is something like personalised beer can holders!

2)      Transport; how are you going to shift all these bodies around if you’re going from one venue to the next? Think about hiring transport, like a mini bus or taxi.

3)      Alcohol consumption; it’s a stag party, and alcohol is possibly going to be present. Make sure that it’s being consumed in a safe and legal way. It would ruin the entire day if a mate got nicked!

4)      First and foremost, it’s the groomsmen day. All attention and activities needs to be directed to him. Get him something that makes him stands out from the crowd, just like a novelty shirt or similar.

5)      Enjoy the day, organise everything beforehand. Make sure all the party decorations and party supplies are sorted and ready far before the day comes.

Stag party Ideas;

1)      Attend a sports venue similar to a Golf course, Barefoot Bowls, Ten Pin bowling, Cricket ground etc. These places may have liquor license and food, plus keeps your motley crew away from the public eye!

2)      Motorised fun! I’m talking go karts, quad bikes, racing cars and anything else noisy and capable of speed! It all depends on your location; however you may have something nearby! Men and pure raw speed is like steak and potatoes, they were just meant to be together!

3)      Get your war face on! Paint ball or laser skirmish is what’s going on here! The only time you can leave a bruise the size of a watermelon on your mate and get away with it! Plus all your favourite war movie quotes will soon come flowing out of your mouth! ‘Get to the chopper!’

4)      Fancy a punt! What’s wrong with the dogs or trots every now and then! Check out your local track, have a look and see what’s going down over the next few weeks.

5)      Head out bush! What about just packing the cars and heading to a remote location and camping out. You rest assured the neighbours won’t hear you, and there be no nasty CTV camera footage to come back to haunt you latter! Make it a themed party too perhaps, like a Viking feast or similar.

6)      Good old pub crawl. Can’t beat it, pub to pub, crowd to crowd, prank to prank. This old but proven method can always deliver a happy result. Have a look into maybe hiring a bus or similar to cart you all around. That way there is no nasty DUI charges or worst; accidents.

7)      Hunt your prey in the wild! Do you live near any large expanse of water or bush land? Can you hire a fishing charter or hunting tour for a day? Get out there and experience the primal joy of searching and hunting your own feed, plus if you’re any good you should have a full stomach afterwards.

8)      Ensue that no bad events be viewed on your local news.... The local news is in your local area, so.... head out of your local area. What about an out-of-town, interstate or even better, overseas destination! There are many tour groups ranging from weekend to, if you’re lucky enough, week-long trips! Or just go about planning something yourself.

9)      Get yours and the groomsmen heart in your throat! There is a whole arrange of white knuckle, heart stopping, life shorting experience that will have you remember, and dread, your bucks party for years to come. Have you thought about sky diving, bungee jumping, shark swimming, zorbing, abseiling or white water rafting?

10)   And finally, maybe just the option of a stay in bbq and drinks at yours or a friend’s house. This can still be just as much fun with old friends drinking, feasting, reminiscing and bonding like you would have done so many times before. There is still the option of fun games and silly pranks to be made, however no threat of it being in a public area!

The stag party is an entire day set about celebrating your mates last day of being a single man. Make it a good one with a little pre planning and thought. And most of all have a great time!