Long ago, I became a registered voter, yet never was called to serve as a juror. Until I moved to my present state where I have lived for 6 years I was a name at the bottom of the barrel. All of a sudden I am frequently called to show up and have been picked twice for a jury position. It is a daunting experience from the start and if you have never been where I am now, you might be enlightened as to some of the proceedure that I share with you.

Once a trial begins, you learn so much and yet none of that can be shared to protect people from suing you, or perhaps worse, killing you for what you divulge. Many people substitute other names and describe the trial they have been a part of which is legal, yet I question the morality of doing that. Especially if it is a high profile case, everyone can read the similarities and put 2 and 2 together to know all the details.

The proceedure begins by a very business like letter arriving in the mail with urgent writing on the outside reminding you of its importance. I just happened to be away for several days, so was not able to do as commanded to do, which was to respond within 5 days of the delivery of the official business of the court.

As soon as I returned, I filled out my information and mailed it off to the local courthouse in my city. I was late, so in several days, I went to the courthouse to make sure my information arrived safely in the proper hands. I had not been arrested for not responding within the designated time frame, so either the court figured I was dead or became unable to respond for other reasons.

In my business envelope was a set of phone numbers to call on a certain day at specific hours. I had been given a number which made me think they would surely not be calling that high a number. Since I sat, served and was sequestered 2 years ago, I thought I was scott free. There is no such thing, since jury duty can be requested within that time frame. I have also learned that if a court case is in dire straights, they can actually go to the local streets and select jurors from the general population in an area. I read that in my official information, so it is true and not fabricated. So, with that said, beware at all times, you could be chosen for jury duty in your area.

On the given date and time I phoned the assigned numbers and listened to the recording for the month prior to my duty call and the month I was asked to serve. There are unusual circumstances that can excuse a person from jury duty as well as being over 70 years old. All of those requests must be approved by the judge and done in person if at all possible.

I had 4 days to prepare myself for a day at the courthouse, however my day was designated with a 2:10 PM time to show up and be counted. Knowing the courthouse closes at 5PM I knew I would be back home then.