Staging Your Home to Sell

Staging your home to sell can help your house sell faster & for more money. Since the bottom dropped out of the real estate market it's essential to keep a competitive edge. Staging will also distinguish your house if you live in a cookie cutter development. In such a situation prospective buyers might not even be able to remember your home from the other ones that they saw. Here is everything you need to know about staging your home to sell.

Declutter & remove personal items. This will make your house seem bigger. Many buyers will be distracted by all of your stuff. They might be focused on your Hummel collection instead of envisioning where they will live. If you have a sentimental attachment to something, pack it away. This gives you a head start for when you have to move. Then buyers will be able to focus on the features of your home instead of your lifestyle.

A lot of staging your home to sell is free. It just requires work. Buyers will be checking out your cabinet space & even peering in your closets. Make sure that boxes don't fall on them. You want your home to appear like there is a lot of storage space so buyers will pay top dollar. This also gives the appearance that you take pride in your home & also keep things up to date. This makes the property seem more trustworthy.

Invest in the right places. Every realtor says that kitchens & baths sell houses. This is where you really spend the money staging your home to sell. These are also the areas that are the most expensive to update. If a buyer sees a kitchen that needs a total remodel, they might pass your house over because they think that it needs too much work. Paint your cabinets & add in crown model for a designer feel. You can use a can of metallic spray paint for the knobs. You might even be able to afford a natural stone tile like granite. This is a lot cheaper than a granite slab & you'll be remembered as the house with the granite countertops.

Give every room a purpose. You live in your home in a different way than the next person will. You may have turned the spare room into a junk room, scrap booking room, or even an extra closet. However, this makes your home seem like it has one less bedroom than it actually does. This will drive away buyers with large families. When you are staging your home to sell you need to make every room count. Don't have buyers guessing what a room will be, show them.

Make it look good. You might not want to invest in decorating when you are staging your home to sell. You are just going to move anyways, right? You probably don't want to buy furniture that fits your old house just to have to haul it away. However, dated furniture will make your house feel dated. Hit Ikea or craigslist & look for modern furniture with simple lines. This won't distract from the selling features of your home & it may even be cheaper than you expect.

Go neutral this is one of the key home staging ideas. You might have bright colors all over your house that show off your personality. Those have to go when staging your home to sell. Sure, you know that paint is inexpensive. However, a red or orange wall might overwhelm buyers. It might even be the only thing that they focus on. Instead, look for neutral colors like browns or creams that will appeal to lots of different people.

Remember when you are staging your home to sell to do the work for the buyers. Fix up broken items. It's a time to finally purge yourself of that honey do list. Remove wallpaper. This way your home won't seem like a fixer upper & will have more value in the buyer's mind.

Staging your home to sell is a lot of work. Give yourself several weekends to accomplish the task. In the end you'll be confidant about your product, & it will show.