Staging your House, does not have to be complicated.

You do not need to hire a crew of people and rented furniture and you move out to achieve a sale. But there are a few things you need to do, that do require a investment of time, but the return on that time, is a good priced sale on your house.

Here are a few things you need to do:

1. Staging your house for sale, requires you to find a storage spot away from the property. This does NOT mean the basement, attic or garage. It is a good investment to rent a storage locker nearby.

2. Get yourself some boxes, and throw some in each room in your house. Now start by removing knick knacks, any dust collectors, all personal photos and any clutter laying around, also any excess worn furniture. Pack them in these boxes and take them to the storage locker.

3. Once you have got rid of all the personalizing, and the overflowing books on the book shelves, and knick knacks.. your rooms should look bigger. You may need to invest in a rental truck or van to achieve this cleanout. You are planning on moving anyways, so just think of this as a head start on packing!


How to Stage a House to Sell Fast - CLEAN!

4. Now clean, like you have never cleaned before, make everything shine. If you have big windows, it can be worth hire a professional to clean your windows, and you spend the time cleaning inside. A professional can make them streak free.

5. Now that you have cleaned, look around and see if the walls or floors look tired and dingy. Either hire a carpet cleaner, or repaint some rooms. Painting is the quickest way to a fresh room. Add a few accents, but not too much. You want to give the impression of a clean and spacious house.

6. Don't forget the curb appeal. Make sure the walks are clear if it is winter, and if it is nice weather, then make sure the lawn in cut, and the gardens weeded, especially around the front porch and door. If the front door could use a coat of paint, this is the time to do it. First impressions of your house are created as soon as they get out of the car and walk to your front door. So, get rid of kids toys, and huge weeds, and any clutter on the front porch.

7. Staging your house, literally means setting it up in such a way, that no one would really live, but it gives the impression, of a well taken care of house. Clutter is a huge issue, so make sure the coffee table is not overflowing with magazines, and the front entrance is clear of backpacks.

Make it Smell Awesome

8. Make it smell nice. Just before a viewing, boil some orange peels, or brew a pot of coffee, or something nice, soothing and homey.

9. Clean out your garage. Your potential purchaser needs to know they could park their car in the garage. Staging your house, is not limited to the house. This is why it is good to rent a storage unit. You need to attack every room in the house, including the basement and the garage. Many people forget to stage their garage. Put away tools, bikes etc, this way it looks like there is a place for everything. You want the purchaser to picture themselves and their things in this space. Allow some time to get all these things done, not the night before a showing!

10. One thing that is hard to live with, but makes a kitchen look instantly bigger, is to remove all the small appliances, and anything on the counter. I know this is hard if you are trying to live in the house while it is for sale, but if you can organize a large drawer that can safely store the toaster, blender, pots and pans etc, it gives your counter a clean long and lean look. Personally I packed away all my Tupperware from a large drawer, and then when I knew there was a viewing, I could quickly place these items (small appliances) in this drawer, as if they belonged there, this also gave the impression of lots of space and storage.

The goal at the end of the day, in staging your house, is to impress the purchaser with a clean, clutter free home, that they can imagine themselves living in. If you fill it with too much "stuff" they will feel stressed, and will not be able to see past your clutter.

You only have a few minutes for a great first impression. Many purchasers are looking at house after house, yours has to stand out. If they feel good, the house is clean, clutter free, and smells nice, and has fresh paint, it will stand out. You may have to invest some money, and your time, but the payoff is well worth it. You have to look like you care when you are trying to sell your house..