WW2 RC Planes for Sale (34380)

Using WW2 Cheap RC Planes to Stage a Reenactment Dogfight

With Cheap rc planes becoming more and more affordable these days, rc flier enthusiasts are able to find great deals on world war 2 replica rc planes for under a hundred bucks. This even includes the remote control and all necessary decals and accessories, which means that you can charge up your plane and roll it out on the tarmac just as soon as you have it out of the box.

Meanwhile, the rc plane world has been inundated over the past couple of years with new and affordable scale replica models of the world's most famous world war 2 single prop fighter planes. These world war 2 fighter planes and their daring pilots are famous for scrambling off their tarmacs to race to intercept incoming bombers before they could devastate the airfield.

How to Set Up a Cheap RC Plane World War 2 Style Dogfight

One way that rc flier enthusiasts like to enjoy their cheap rc planes is by staging dramatic reenactments of world war 2 dogfights or world war 2 fighter plane duels. These are fairly simple to set up and it really depends on what level of historical accuracy you and your friends want to achieve with your world war 2 cheap rc plane dogfights. If you and your pals are the type that really enjoy taking the reenactment as far as it can go, then you can read up on the battle in the weeks and days ahead of your event in preparation.

You can also add special details to your cheap rc planes to get them looking authentic and battle worn. A little bit of modeling paint and a small detailing brush will allow you to put bullet holes in the hull, or oil stains alongside the wings should you so wish to have your cheap rc planes looking like they just barely hobbled home after a legendary clobbering. You can divide your other rc enthusiast friends into two groups to set up together and plan and plot against your "enemies".

If you want to take the historical accuracy bit a good deal further, you can print out a map of the area the battle originally occurred, and transpose the events and formations to your own cheap rc plane airfield so that you and your friends can stay true to the way in which the real battle unfolded.

Some rc flier enthusiasts like to film their reenactments so they can be watched later and enjoyed forever after. You can have a friend that is not participating in the world war 2 cheap rc plane dogfight reenactment come to the rc plane airfield with you and film the action.

For the Most Serious Cheap RC Plane World War 2 Reenactments Possible

If you want to get really serious (so serious that you risk the health of your WW2 cheap rc planes) you can use paintball guns to set up realistic anti-aircraft batteries that your rc planes have to avoid. You can have several friends standing at the spots on the rc plane airfield that would represent the different anti aircraft batteries positions during the real battle.

When your WW2 cheap rc planes go flying overhead, you can have your anti aircraft friends open up on them and try to knock them out of the sky. This will certainly bring back some, however miniscule, portion of the anxiety and stomach-dropping excitement the WW2 fighter plane pilots felt themselves during battles. If your WW2 cheap rc planes can juke and dodge and live to fight another day, you will be able to count yourself an ace world war 2 rc plane pilot. And even if they don't, it will be a heck of a lot of fun to watch!