Stained Glass Boxes - Make Patterns for Gifts or Crafts

Stained glass boxes are just products of how people expand their stained glass horizons. There are indeed many uses of stained glasses especially in the field of arts and crafts, and stained glass boxes are actually one of the most famous and the easiest to do. This makes it a perfect solution for a lot of stay-at home moms who are finding ways to supplement their family income. Not only that, stained glass boxes can also be good homemade gifts for Christmas and weddings plus a whole lot of savings.

How to make a stained glass box

Stained glass boxes are made for the purpose of holding jewelries, trinkets and many other objects. It is also being used as an organizer box or tool box. In fact, it can serve you for many other purposes. You just need to broaden your creativity and resourcefulness or simply let your mind wander. Surely in no time, you will develop something to make out of your stained glass box. In line with this, there are several ways to make it. There are also different methods to make the glass box but the most widely used is the soldering method. Many people prefer this method because you can make many different patterns by following it.

To do this, you will need a clean and open work space. Make sure that you are comfortable working in the area for you will need your creativity. The place should be enough for your creativity to flow. Once you are comfortable with the area, you will be needing sheets of stained glass. If it's not readily available in your household, you can purchase sheets it from different craft stores or you can simply shop online if you find it convenient. You also need a cleaning solution, wire rod, chain and metal tubing. Of course you will also be needing your soldering glass kit containing the soldering iron, flux paste, glass cutter, running plier, copper foil or aluminum foil, glass breaker, grinder, scythe stone, measuring tape and solder. By this time, you can start sketching out your design if you have not prepared one. Once you have it, cut the shape for your box. It can either be round, square or rectangle. Fuse them together with a foil but you have to make sure that you first brush the flux across the foil and solder the sides and bottom of the box. Now put the glass over the sketch you made for the lid of the box and then trace it. Once finished, cut out all the pieces necessary to be cut. Smooth out the glass with the grinder to leave a furnished touch. Again, foil it together and brush the flux across the foil making sure that all pieces are properly foiled together. Now, to keep the lid open, cut it using a metal tube and solder it on the back of the lid. Allow it to bend by putting a rod through the tube and then solder it at the inside of the box. To make it attractive, cut a piece of chain and solder one end to the box and the other to the lid. Lastly, apply cleaning solution into the box and your stained glass box is ready for display. You can still make ways to improve the box by putting in other designs that you desire.

Where to buy stained glass boxes

Stained glass boxes or the materials in making it can be available in different crafts store and in the Internet. You can get a 4" x 8" Pale Mauve Stained Glass Box w/ Bevels & Cupids for $ 42.95 at Accent on Glass. This beveled stained glass box is manually cut and artistically handcrafted from high quality stained glass. This jewelry box is also hand-soldered using the Tiffany copper foil method.

Another stained glass box which is considered a charity box is also handcrafted by Jerusalem Everything. They call it 770 Stained Glass Tzedakah Box and is sold for $ 179.99 at 5x5x3 inches. Also, Waterhawk Creations introduces Fire Pearls, a stained glass box with a deep fire red glass bottom as base. This 4.5x6.5x3.5" is decorated with pearls and is sold for $ 499.99.

And if you want a thorough discussion on the process and some free patterns in making stained glass boxes, Delphi Art Glass Supplies and Education sells a Stained Glass Boxes book for the price of $13.95. It contains full size patterns for 34 stained glass boxes, the materials needed for each design and degrees of difficulty for each.