Stained Glass Classes - Learn to Make Stained Glass

Stained glass classes can be fun at the same time educational. Imagine yourself creating beautiful designs of animals, flowers, abstract, and nature. The possibilities are endless. With the help of stained glass classes you are given the opportunity to bring these designs to life. Bring out the artist in you and enroll in a stain glass workshop. Don't settle for stained glass kits, they are more taxing than going to actual classes. Make life a little easier. Don't waste your time, effort and money on kits with tools you don't have any idea on how to use properly. Learn to learn from others. Take part and be productive enough to take stained glass classes today. See actual demonstrations and let the instructor do his job and guide you to be the stained glass artist you envisioned to be. And smile in the end…

Then and now

Stained glass was first produced in 5000 B.C by the Phoenician in Syria. It was told that while they where cooking on nitrate blocks, the flame below happened to melt the nitrate which then came in contact with the sand just below it, and formed a peculiar liquid. When it cooled, it became what is known today as opaque glass. Even though glass started as an "accident" the skill that is required in making intricate designs cannot be attained without hard work, practice and some people passing on the their knowledge.

Taking classes

The beautiful stained glass in Europe's cathedrals didn't appear overnight. Have an open mind and be willing to learn from others who have the right experience. Don't let pride get in the way of growth. Though classes may be a bit pricey, the knowledge and experience you gain are priceless. The price of classes depends on the course and level you are taking. There are classes for specific steps, like cutting glass, leading up, soldiering and all that stuff. There are class levels such as beginner, intermediate and advance classes. There are also multiple day workshops that give the whole package, from providing the materials to teaching you all the processes and methods of stain glass making. You can check the directory or search engines for the nearest institutions that offer stained glass classes, also here are links that might be of help to you. ( and

Advantages of taking stained glass-making classes

You might ask yourself, why spend my money on classes when I can read the do it yourself tutorials? Allow me to site some disadvantages if an individual buys a do it yourself kit worth about fifty to a hundred dollars. The start up kits may have expensive tools, and without proper knowledge on how to use them, you might end up breaking and buying them all over again or worse, you can end up hurting yourself. A starter kit also cannot orient you on the different techniques and safety precautions in making your stained glass. Take into consideration that kits are pre selected for you. You might be buying overstocks from the manufacturer. The advantage in taking up classes is that the instructor can recommend which tools to use, show you how to use them properly. The instructors can also orient you with the different types of glass, techniques and materials. In classes, you will also be able to design panels yourself. Investing in stained glass classes will permit you to save extra cash you'll be throwing out in buying the materials over and over again in the trial and error mechanism in do it yourself schemes. Classes will not only assure you of a finished stained glass, but also assure you of the quality and workmanship of your creation. Engaging in workshops is also more enjoyable. You'll be learning with fellow individuals who are as interested as you. Interaction in the class will also help you learn faster and take into mind that there are things that cannot be taught by books or by text.


If you are one of those people who go beyond appreciation of art, or if you enjoy the play of light in a rainbow of colors, take pleasure in creating things from scratch, is not afraid to get your hands dirty, or is just bored out of your wits and have nothing better or productive to do, why not enroll yourself in stained glass classes and let loose the inner artist in you? If you are willing and able, anything is possible. Invest in a class now and don't forget to bring your creativity, who knows, you might be the next Picasso of our time.