Stained Glass Equipment for Sale - Making Decorative Glass Art

Creating stained glass masterpieces is no more expensive than undertaking any other art craft or project, and stained glass equipment is not as pricey as most people think. You can spend as little or as much as you want, as long as it's no problem to quality and safety. Making stained glass is a very satisfying experience ready to wow any onlooker with the different colors especially when sunlight hits.

The beauty of stained glass

Stained glass is beautiful colored or tinted glass usually used for flat windows made to resist wind and rain and control external light. Many stained glass artists also make sculpture and three-dimensional structures. They are popular and seen mostly in Catholic churches and cathedrals, big or small, but more exclusively in old cathedrals constructed during the medieval times. These structures must be made with combined creativity and skill, especially when handling stained glass equipment during the process of creation to construct the desired result.

Equipment needed to make stained glass

Proper stained glass equipment is essential so you can start to work with stained glass projects. The basic tools for stained glass are: glass cutters, stained glass grinder, foil soldering iron, and pliers.

The first tool to create a good mosaic piece is the glass cutter. This allows you to cut some glass in order to fit in specific areas of your desired pattern and make it, if not perfectly, almost exact. The Tungsten Carbide Wheels is the most expensive glass cutter, because it has a self-lubricating mechanism that allows you to continue working. The other type of the glass cutter is the steel wheel cutter, which makes the glass-cutting much more of a hassle because the cutter becomes dull fast and the wheel will need to be replaced in order for the cuts to go through the class in a sharp, easy manner. Usually they cost at about $40 to $50 or more depending on the quality of the glass cutter.

The next is the stained glass grinder. This makes cutting glass safer as it allows for cuts to be made to the glass than that of you cutting the glass yourself. They are sold at approximately $50 to $100, or even more.

A foil soldering iron is also essential for foiling the glass pieces. They come in different qualities and high-quality irons, of course, cost more than the low-quality ones. This stained glass equipment, if of excellent caliber, is sure to last for a few years and will still give you the best possible results you could ever wish for. This tool also comes in a number of different watt settings. As the wattage increases, the power of the soldering iron also increases. The recommended wattage is 100 watts. It is important to note its heating time and its temperature adjustment. The soldering iron stand must also be purchased to avoid damaging any furniture if it does not have a stand to prop it up and support it. The iron usually costs about $23.

One other vital stain glass equipment you will need is the pliers. These are used to break the glass once a line has been made. This ensures a lower risk for injury as it is safer to break the glass with these pliers. These pliers are otherwise known as running, or breaking, pliers as they place pressure evenly and smoothly on a score line to start and then run a break on glass. The price range for pliers is $7 to $10.

Lastly, a pattern for your stained glass is important especially for first timers. A myriad of existing patters are available both in books and even online. Glass and color suggestions may also be offered. It is also best to ask for help at local retailers or studios, and even from people who have been cutting stained glass with years of experience.


When working with stained glass equipment, never forget to work personal protective equipment as well. Safety glasses are vital for what they are named for – eye protection. It is important to be reminded of one's eyes security as they are very susceptible to damage during glass cutting. Glass splinters may get into the eyes and cause irritations, or worse. A smooth working surface should be ready before working on any project.


With properly functioning stained glass equipment, anyone can learn the basics of cutting and construction of stunning stained glass in just a few hours. Although more expensive stained glass equipment promises to be more effective, a person's own talent, skill and patience are still major factors in creating their own works of art that is brought about by the brilliance of the human mind. The tools are merely channels for physical demonstration of these innate talents.