Stained Glass Fireplace Screens - Buy or Make a Decorative Screen

Adding grandeur to your evening fires, stained glass fireplace screens provide your fireplaces with beauty that very few other kinds of screens can provide.

Why use stained glass fireplace screens?

Think of those stained glass mosaics you often see in churches and the beautiful images they show. And now imagine a roaring fire warming up your room and at the same time illuminating beautiful images from a stained glass screen. This is the wonder that stained glass fireplace screens can give you and your loved ones.

Stained glass fireplace screens come in an assortment of styles, features and finishes. They are especially useful for keeping away children or animals, such as raccoons and rats from your fireplace. They also keep out pests like bats that may go down your chimney and through your fireplace. These screens come in single, three or four-screen control panels and in many other diverse styles to suit individual personal tastes or needs. With basic detailing, though, traditional fireplace screens are easier to use and install.

Simple and elegant, contemporary stained glass fireplace screens look just perfect in any room. They can be colored anything you want, from black to brown to retailer. They can even be kept plain and still be expected to do the job. Ornate stained glass fireplace screens though are more flashy and decorative.

Every kind of stained glass fireplace screens can have many finishes, allowing the owner to match the choice screen with furniture and other décor in the room to keep a central theme or color scheme. While stained glass fireplace screens are more often than not multicolored, other types of finishes are black, bronze, gold, copper, silver and tin.

One may choose the features that are contained by a stained glass fireplace screen to make it look more unique and beautiful, and most of all to fit his/her personal preference. Curved or bent screens are especially popular, as they allow the screen to fit nicely around fireplaces and open to a straight screen. Some stained glass fireplace screens even have doors, for easier access to the fireplace during cleaning or to replace the wood.

How do I install stained glass fireplace screens?

Aside from making your living room more appealing, one convenient feature that stained glass fireplace screens provide is its easy installation. Things you should consider while choosing your screen is the color and finish. You may also go for one which is designed by the manufacturer. It's a good idea to get a pre-designed screen, but if you really want it to suit your taste, you may create and draw your original design on paper.

It is imperative, too that you know the size of the screen you'll be needing for your fireplace. The exact height, width and length are vital. Make sure that the fireplace is clean, and is without any rough or dirty marks on the window before installing the stained glass.

For cutting your screen into desired shapes according to the design, you may need a glass cutter. Make sure to follow proper precautionary measures though before attempting to cut them. Still, it is safest to get professional help for this.

You can find special adhesives which are available in the market, which are used to easily stick the glass on your chosen frame. It has to be cleaned with a damp cloth once it is installed, then wiped with a dry cloth.

Keeping your stained glass fireplace screens clean

There's not much you have to do to maintain the sparkle of your screen. All you need is to wipe it down frequently and regularly, not allowing dust to accumulate. That way, you won't need a liquid cleanser. If fireplaces and wood stoves are regular heat sources in your home, the stained glass fireplace screens will need more frequent cleaning.

You need only a soft, dry cloth to clean stained glass fireplaces on seldom-used fireplaces. However if dust is on the screen, you may have to dampen the cloth with water first.

Stained glass fireplace screens that are heavily used or rarely used could require more than just water. A lemon oil-based polish is especially effective for this. Just wipe the polish with a soft, dry cloth gently on the screen. If it doesn't work, you can also try nonionic detergents, rubbing alcohol or gentle solvents.

It should be noted that cleaning products like polish and detergents should never be directly applied on stained glass fireplace screens. They should be wiped with a soft, dry cloth. Harsh chemicals, abrasive cleansers or any type of ammonia should be avoided.


As mentioned above, stained glass fireplace screens provide your moments with your loved ones with a beautiful twist. So if you want your living room or den to look a whole lot better, you can count on stained glass fireplace screens.