Stained Glass Kits for Children, Beginners, and Professional Artists

For centuries, the art of creating objects from colored stained glass has remained alive. Those immaculate stained glass windows and lamps are mere representations of the beauty that you can make with stained glass; and if you're new to the practice, you can start with stained glass kits.

Using stained glass kits will let you realize that the craft of stained glass-manipulating is one which anyone can learn. Stained glass kits contain all the basic starting materials you need, and with these kits, you can get a leg up and start with stained glass projects.

How are stained glass kits supposed to help me?

Having everything you need to get started, stained glass kits are excellent for anyone new to the hobby. For starters, the best types are the pre-cut kits with pattern pieces already cut and ground to shape which allow the artist to appreciate the art without splurging money on more expensive tools. You can just add copper foil to the glass by hand, arrange the pieces in the proper design and solder everything together. After that very little effort, you can immediately tell if you want to spend more time learning how to make stained glass projects at home. With this approach, the only tool you'll ever need is a soldering iron.

It is very easy to get addicted to stained glass, and stained glass kits allow artists to hone their skill and enjoy their artwork at the same time. To enhance talent, stained glass kits which include all the basic tools are one affordable approach.

Types of stained glass kits

Most stained glass kits include a soldering iron, grozing pliers, glass cutter, fid, glass pliers and more. Many stained glass kits also include supplies like solder acid flux, flux brush, glass cleaning liquid, copper foil and a sample of lead came.

A newbie artist can literally test the waters of stained glass artworks by purchasing basic stained glass kits to suit his/her needs, making their first suncatchers or glass windows from scratch with the help of basic patterns. To have more out of this hobby, stained glass grinders are useful as well. These grinders are included in some stained glass kits, and are used to adjust miscut glass pieces.

You may also find stained glass kits in groups of complimentary sheets of glass. A kit can have 10 different squares of glass, in a variety of colors and design, providing the artist an opportunity to try out different brands of glass that another might not use. Some popular types of glass include waterglass, English muffle, clear, frosted or etched glass and opaque-colored ones. While selecting stained glass kits, try going with one with a set of colors which compliment each other and can be used into one piece to lower the cost of any given stained glass artwork. It should also be considered that getting types of glass or colors that can be used in a multitude of windows, suncatchers of lamps will help reduce wastage and offcuts.

For the more advanced artists, specialty kits like soldering kits, cutter kits, lead kits and precut glass kits are recommended, as some of them may be of higher quality than those in a standard starter kit. They may even include additional supplies like rulers and squares, or lead-came tools and supplies. Precut glass kits include glass that's ready for a particular project as well as instructions. Wire frames of soldering wire may also be present in precut stained glass kits.

Where can I get stained glass kits?

Stained glass kits can be bought at any ef="/Arts and Crafts">arts and crafts store or online, and you can begin taking advantage of this fun activity today. A stained glass kit is best suited for those who haven't previously tried stained glass. Basic kits start with the minimum tools and supplies you will need to get started. This would include a soldering iron, solder, flux, a glass cutter, glass pliers, glass cutter oil and copper foil. You'll also find stained glass kits that include all these items plus glass, patterns and additional items to enable you to do a complete project from the start.

At, basic lead starter kits are sold at $77.95, and the Premium Stained Glass Startup Kit costs $274.95.


Making art out of stained glass is a fun and exhilarating activity. So if you're either looking for an entertaining hobby or trying to hone your hand at art, grab hold of stained glass kits.