How to Make or Buy Stained Glass Stepping Stones

Stained glass stepping stones are one of the most astounding products in the industry of craft selling. A person who is highly credible in doing the craft can generate these products in a short span of time and would ensure great profit in the end. Making stained glass stepping stones requires both creativity and skill. Usually, people who tend to be inclined in this activity learn the fundamental procedures in making this ornament through a series of workshop. However, you can create beautifully designed stepping stones even at home if you are just very willing to expand your creativity and resourcefulness. Knowing how to make stained glass stepping stones however is very worth it. More than the colourful flowers that you can see in your garden, your place is beautified when you have these stepping stones. Your stained glass stepping stones could also vary in colour and design. These stones can be very grandeur and even personalized. You just have to incorporate the values of patience and hard work as well as the basic skill in glass cutting. Normally the process would take you 2 to 3 hours before completing it.

Each stained glass stepping stone is fun to work with

To start off, think of a beautiful design you think would be very attractive to people. You must already have in mind all the specific details of the design so you would know what materials you should gather. Find a board of a larger size than the stepping stone so that you can have this as a material for you to work on. Put the design that you have on the board. This will serve as your guide on cutting the stained glass according to the design that you prepared. Carefully use a sharp cutter to cut the side of the glass until you form the desired shape. The more accurate procedures are usually provided by manual kits that are directly designed for making stepping stones. Aside from the fun that you will get from making the stepping stones yourself, you will also save a lot of money rather than paying for very costly garden ornaments. You will also develop your creativity and imagination.

Stained glass stepping stones are available in most garden shops with prices ranging from 20$ to 10$

The prices of the stained glass stepping stones vary according to the size and design of the stones. The base price for the stones that come in very small sizes is usually 20$ while the base price for the larger stones is around 60$. Usually, the stones with more complex designs are the ones that have a higher price. The more detailed the design is, the more laborious it would be made and therefore the seller would demand a high price for it. Another basis that dictates the price is the number of characters that you put in your design. When your design includes letters and numbers, a lot of sellers have a specific price for every letter or number that is embossed or engraved in your stained glass stepping stone. You could avail discounts though depending on the number of stepping stones that you will purchase. If you will buy a large number of stained glass stepping stones, it is more possible for you to get certain price drops.

Stained glass stepping stones adds beauty to your garden

Have you imagined yourself walking through beautifully adorned stained glass stepping stones in your garden? The feeling of walking through such marvellous stepping stones makes you think you are actually on a trip to a beautiful paradise. The point is, stained glass stepping stones are very worth their price. Although most of the designs could be expensive, you are also paying for the quality of the product that you purchased. It is very wise if you avail products from a reliably garden shop. Better yet ensure that the product that you will purchase has undergone certain quality tests. Remember that you are paying a large amount of money for this. It will not be beneficial if you do not get good quality products that you deserve. To save more money, try thinking of a design that is simple but elegant. Do not make your design too intricate because tendency is it will be more difficult to follow your desired design and you'll get to pay for a greater price. Also, it is best of you consult a friend of yours who has already purchase stained glass stepping stones to have a good reference of where to buy the stepping stones you need.