Stained Glass Supplies and Kits for Sale

Stained glass making is an art practiced through centuries. What else could be more convenient than using good stained glass supplies in making the perfect art? Stained glass making is quite synonymous to churches, synagogues, and other institutions of religious practice. These ensembles of stained glass often portray religious themes – such as the life and times of Jesus or notable events in the Gospel – or those in nature. Stained glass gives you a majestic feeling inside a Gothic cathedral; other than frescos, stained glass is one of the noticeable works of art in a church. In a synagogue, stained glass helps in furthering meditation for the soul.

If you have the ability of creating colorful patterns, and you want to become part of that art – and earn money while doing it – you might as well contemplate on purchasing stained glass supplies and start building a stained glass studio. Stained glass windows and ensembles are great for those who want that same meditating pieces of art to be incorporated to their homes. Much of the demand comes from the middle and high classes, so opportunities of making a profit are there. Similarly, purchase of stained glass supplies is good if you have a knack of doing home repairs and enhancements all by yourself. Visit any stained glass specialty shop and you can avail of the various tools and designs of stained glass.

The glass

The first and most important of the stained glass supplies to buy is the glass itself. Stained glass is like ordinary glass – made of silica sand, limestone and soda ash mixed in a furnace – only that stained glass is colored with metal oxides. For this step you have to try to make contact with glassware makers or stained glass shops in your area that are also capable of making stained glass. Stained glasses are sold by design and in groups; you need to choose the right specifics best for your home. If you have a thing or two about art, you may want to buy a glass engraver and give the glasses your personal touch.

Soldering iron

Next of the stained glass supplies you have to consider is soldering iron and other soldering tools. Soldering iron does not stick to stained glass – it sticks to metals – so a piece copper foil tape that is attached to the edges of the glass provides us with the necessary metal in order for the solder to stick. Another method consists of putting the glass into lead or metal channels and then sticking these channels together through soldering. When you choose soldering wire, make sure that it is relatively clean of 'impurities' as these can degrade the tip of your soldering iron and the finish of the glass as well.

Chemicals and other stuff

There is no complete stained glass supplies ensemble without some chemicals. In the process of stained glass making, chemicals like flux, finishing, putty and patina are often encountered. Flux is a necessary chemical in soldering since it cleans out and restricts oxygen from the to-be-soldered edges. This is available either as a bottled liquid or inside a flux pen. Finishing chemicals give the stained glass a clean, glossy look; an improved appearance is a result. Putty makes lead channels stand against the effects of weather; it hardens to protect the channels and is easy to remove, without breaking the stained glasses, if necessary adjustments are to be needed. Patina is used with solder, and in the long run, it gives an antique finish on the stained glass, thus preserving beauty over time. Do not forget to purchase other essentials such as brushes, soaps and adhesives for a better finished stained glass product.

Getting help and acquiring the best deals

Visit your local stained glass studio if you have more questions about stained glass supplies and their uses. These studios sell these supplies and they can either give expert advice or stained glass tutorials. The stained glass experience will be further enhanced if the studio is a recognized member of a stained glass association, a prime example would be The Stained Glass Association of America. Also, check out if you can avail yourself of discounts and special promos especially on various kits of stained glass supplies. If you choose to go online, there are websites dedicated to stained glass. You can browse these sites for some free tutorials and the best deals available. Some of these websites are Glass Crafters ( or Delphi (


Stained glass is an exciting method of art since it has a combination of uniqueness aside from the more traditional forms of art and the room for a person to freely express his ability. If you have the desire to pursue this, a healthy dose of creativity and some quality stained glass supplies are what you need for a great stained glass experience.