These tips on how to start staining hardwood floors will help you clearly picture the step-by-step method. As long as you follow instructions and think ahead, it is quite an easy task.

After you have studied this, then you will be ready to do-it-yourself. The things to do can be grouped into five major steps: the gathering of materials, the preparation of the area, the sanding, the staining, and the finishing.

Step #1 The gathering of materials

Using the right tools and materials is the first and most important step in how to start staining hardwood floors.

The complete range of tools might include a drum sander, an orbital sander, an edge sander, a floor buffer, a shop vac, a hammer, a drill, a screwdriver, drill bits, screws, nails, a pry bar, a chisel, a putty knife, a caulking gun, a paint tray and roller set, plenty of rags, a lamb's wool mop, flooring strip, a range of sandpaper grits, discs and pads, a tack cloth.

Also needed are polyurethane, wood sealer, wood dough, and your choice of hardwood floor stain. For protection, one must need gloves, eye protection, face mask, a sleeved work shirt.

Step #2 The preparation of the area

This requires that the area will have been adequately cleared before starting on the staining itself. All furniture must be moved. Shoe moldings must be removed as well. Nails must be countersunk to below the floor level. Any other protrusions must be pulled out. The floor must be impeccably smooth and clean.

Step #3 The sanding

The purpose of sanding is to remove any of the old stains, and to smoothen out the floor. Here is where you use the drum sander and the edge sander. The technique would be to progress from rough sandpaper to smooth. Be careful to make smooth, even strokes. At this point, wood dough or putty could be applied to cracks and dents.

Step #4 The staining

Before proceeding to the staining itself, we need to clean up all the dust and dirt generated by sanding the hardwood floor. The success of the staining depends on this. Another important thing to consider is to apply the solution evenly into the floor.

Step #5 The finishing

The protective finish can be applied after the stain has dried. In applying this solution, proper mixing and stirring must be practiced, as well as sanding in between applications.

These then are the 5 major steps in how to start staining hardwood floors. Follow these steps faithfully, and get the perfect hardwood floor. You can do some amazing things with oak flooring finishes and brazilian teak hardwood floors.

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