Stainless steel ductwork is an important material necessary in commercial establishments and buildings. A building or any closed establishment is heated, ventilated or air conditioned in a forced air system. This process is achieved through the use of ductwork.

 What is ductwork?

 Ductwork is a whole system of ducts, a chain of segmented conduits or tubes that transports heated or cooled air from an air conditioning system, furnace or a heating system. This processed air is then released all throughout the building for commercial purposes. The ductwork together with the heating or air conditioning system comprises the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system or HVAC of the establishment.

 Tin or sheet metal and flexible plastic or fiber glass are the primary components of the piping or tubing generally used for ductwork. It consists of plenum, the actual tubing known as conduit and a discharge fixture or register. The opening of a ductwork located at the source of distribution which is the cooling or heating element is the plenum. The actual tubing is the material hidden behind the walls conveying the heated or cooled air, while the register serve as the discharge ends where the tempered air comes out. This is usually situated in floors, walls or ceilings. A distribution box is also used to support the redirection of the airflow in between the duct system. One application of ductwork is as used in a simple fire place chimney. It disburses smoke and other valuable heat outside the building.

 Uses of stainless steel ductwork

 Stainless steel ductwork has a wide range of use and its significance in the functionality of a certain structure has made it a very sought after item in the field of building design. It is also an item that is usually searched for by most people who plan to purchase an existing structure. If the building is supported by stainless steel ductwork, it, the structure is considered well-built and robust. Additionally, stainless steel ductwork as used in HVAC systems require very less maintenance because unlike any other type of air ductwork that concentrates the airflow into the ducts, stainless steel ductwork requires only few and far between cleaning making it very easy to maintain.   

 Advantages of stainless steel

 Just like in any other appliances made up of stainless steel, stainless steel ductwork serve a lot of advantages and benefits when used over other ductwork made from other materials. This is the reason why many appliances are made entirely or partly from this material, as in coffee percolators, ovens, toasters and refrigerators.

 Stainless steel ductwork is durable, resistant to rusts, can be easily cleaned, appears in neutral color, weighs relatively less and is relatively cheaper compared to other material.

 With durability, stainless steel ductwork can survive both extreme hotness and coldness, which is why it is mostly used in household and commercial appliances. Also, stainless steel makes the ductwork robust allowing it not to break easily when dropped, as opposed to plastic or ceramic. It will also not shatter or chip like other materials do.

 True to its name, stainless steel ductwork is resistant to rust. It is also very easy to clean because you will only need to wipe its surface with liquid soap and water. Just keep in mind that using abrasive scrubbers like steel wool would imbed small particles of iron in it which could further amount to rust. Although stainless steel ductwork is rust-resistant, it would be better if you do not use any abrasive scrubbers to clean it. You can use glass cleaner and polishing cloth instead, to remove smudges, dirt or fingerprints.

 In terms of appearance, stainless steel ductwork is in a neutral color which makes it a very convenient material to use. Its color can match any other material like kitchen décor. Aside from that, it is also glossy and comes in a mirror finish making it appear elegant and beautiful. Adding to the convenience is its being lightweight allowing it to be transported easily. Moreover, stainless steel ductwork is cost effective because it lasts a long time and can be bought in cheap prices.

 Where to buy stainless steel ductwork?

 Stainless steel ductwork can be purchased in different hardware and home improvement stores. For reference, you can purchase this product at Wenzhou Zhiju Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. along with other products in this line. They sell stainless steel ductwork fittings in a minimum order of 100 pieces for $1.00 to $100.00. Hydrofarm Horticultural Products also sells Stainless Steel Ductwork Clamps available in different sizes for $6.95.