Since my parents were involved in an accident I have had to look for affordable solutions to make their life a little bit easier. They were hit by a drunk driver in a head on collision and this caused both of them to currently have serious problems moving around - they can walk with support but climbing stairs is an impossible task for them. At first I had to carry them to the second floor of their home, and back down to the first floor once a day. I found an affordable stair lift rental service that helped me with this until I was able to purchase a lift for them.

Stair lifts can be quite expensive and you can usually get a good model with just under $4000 including the installation. At the time I did not have that kind of cash around and that is why it was vital for me and my parents that I found a reliable stair lift rental company. If you need a permanent solution for many years to come then purchasing the lift is the best option, but if you don't have the money at hand, and if can't get a cash loan for it then there aren't many options. Sometimes the insurance companies will cover equipment like this but even so you will have to pay it first yourself, and then fill out the forms to get the money back from them.

If you decide on stair lift rental, you can get it as low as $50 per month, and since these are rental machines they are used, but of a good quality - it is a better idea for the company renting these machines to get high quality lifts that last a long time than get poor ones and replace them all the time. As you can see, buying one isn't always the best option and if you intend to live in a two or three floor apartment for a relatively short time - a year or two - then it is easy to do the calculations and notice that it is much cheaper to use a stair lift rental service than it is to purchase your own lift.

The thing is that for $4000 you will get a better, easier to use, faster lift than you will get for $50 per month. And if think that the usability of the lift is more important than the price then you should be looking at the better models. Another thing that you should factor in your calculations is that most of the rental companies are buying used stair lifts once you don't need them anymore. You can get as much as half the purchase price back.