In our house the stairs accumulated everything.  Our staircase was near the front door so everything from toys to mittens would end up on the steps when our kids were younger.  It didn’t get any easier when they were teens, toys turned to electronics and ear buds and all kinds of papers and “stuff”.  It became a constant battle.

I used to fear someone, one day would trip and fall, and so finding easy storage solutions was something I was always looking for.  Over the years I have found some ideas worked better than others, and it also depends on the style of staircase you have as to what would work best for you, but here are 7 creative ideas, some quick fixes and others take a bit more work, but hopefully they help you with ideas.  The easier they are to use the more likely they will be!

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1. Stair Step Organizer

You can actually get a basket that hugs the steps.  As long as you have some width to your staircase these will work wonders.  You could have them at the bottom closest to the door so that odds and ends will easily find their way into these baskets. 

You could buy a few to line the entire staircase and label them for each person in your family.  But from experience, the bottom one will get used for everything because it can be simply tossed in there.  These are a quick fix idea that will at least keep the “stuff” in one spot and not in an area where you could trip and also easy to find.

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2. Floating Slim Shelves

If you have a wide stairwell, having a few simply floating shelves on the wall can be a great place for small baskets for those tiny electronics, or ear buds, or small change.  You could install this style of shelf, which also looks good as you cannot see any hooks and then head to the Dollar Tree and get a few tiny sized cute baskets for the small sized clutter that usually ends up in the vacuum cleaner!  They are simply, elegant and look great.  Don’t just pile the things on the shelves, get some little baskets or you will trade one messy area for another.

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3. Concealed Picture Cabinet

This is a little more expensive, but an awesome way to keep your stairwell and entrance looking great but with hidden storage.  This is basically a medicine cabinet that is recessed into the wall with a nice large picture as the front door.  You can get these online already to go, or you can create your own as in the video I have included here above by purchasing a cheaper medicine cabinet.

You would need to check what is behind your wall, so as to not disturb wires or insulation, but depending on the style of staircase you have you could have one of these hanging on the wall, looking great yet storing all those keys and other items that end up thrown on the stairs to be easily broken.

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4. Wall Mounted Hanging Basket

These are perfect for larger items such as papers and magazines.  You could have one assigned to each person in the household so that they don’t lose track of their “stuff”.  These are wall mounted and slim and could simply follow the steps up or down.  This keeps the clutter to a minimum and still looks good.  As household members come downstairs or upstairs they can simply grab the things they need from this stylish looking wall basket.

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5. Decorative Hooks for Wall or Railing

If you have an open railing you could secure these hooks to the railing with wire, and then hang baskets or decorative fabric bags on the outside of the stairwell with everyone’s “stuff” in them.  They could even hold knapsacks if you secure them well.  There is not always enough wall space at the entrance, and this is a creative way to utilize the railing area, while keeping clutter off the ground without looking unorganized.

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6. Slim Wall Mounted Organizer

If you can allow the room, this would be perfect mounted on the wall at the first few steps especially near the door.  It is out of the way, but allows for a lot of storage.  As you can see in the picture this one also comes with a chalkboard so that messages can be left.  It would also work in a kitchen, but this would be perfect for the stairwell to utilize that wall space instead of the floor or somewhere they can be tripped over.  

Just because you may not have much wall space near the door or hall closet doesn’t mean you can’t have storage, you just have to get creative.  By putting this on the staircase wall, it keeps the entrance way clear of clutter and things can easily be found.

7. Turn Your Landing into Storage

This project is more involved, but as you can see in this video it is possible.  They have hinged the landing for storing larger items.  This would be great for smaller homes with limited storage and things that need to be on hand but not laying around on the floor, such as some sporting equipment or seasonal items. 

There are ways to keep your “stuff” to a minimum.  The best time to start is when it first enters the house, it should be graded right away, as a “keeper”, “look at later” or “toss”.  If you grade the item right away, then these storage systems will not overflow.  You need to stop the reproducing of “stuff” before it gets a chance to grow. 

By having a few good storage systems in place, then that frantic looking for keys or forms that needed signing first thing in the morning should not happen.  Having a good a stair organizer helps to utilize an area and give you that much needed extra space.  I hope I have helped you with some creative ideas, have fun!