Anything is possible in picking out your staircase railing design. There are in fact, hundreds to choose from. They can either be one of the intricate metal workings or the traditional and intricate wooden ones that are classic in old Victorian houses.

A more modern, no nonsense design is also available for modern houses that tend to use white and maintain clean lines. So how do you choose the right staircase railing design?

Step 1. Consult your designer. You would be mostly working with your designer or the manufacturer of the stair parts. They would definitely have a catalog of railing designs to choose from.

You should of course make the decision after you have chosen your staircase design. The railings are your embellishment, so do not be shy in choosing the one that you feel goes well with your stairs.

Step 2. Evaluate your considerations. So after you decide on your staircase design, evaluate you considerations with you designer, carpenter or the manufacturer of the stair kit. In evaluation you take into consideration things like height, safety etc.

Example, if you have a child in the house, you might want to have hand railings that he would be able to reach. He must able to reach it so he can grasp firmly while going up or down, minimizing the risk of slipping.

If you have smaller children, then while you handrails are high, you can have balusters (the poles under the hand rails) that are wide and easy to grasp. You should also consider using wood or plastic since metal may be harder to clean and sterilize for your child.

Step 3. Pick out the stair railing designs you feel suits you and your home. If you home is eclectic, then chose a staircase railing design that would blend in.

The most usual designs are the European ones like designs inspired by Italian, Riviera or old Gothic or Victorian home. These tend to lean on metal works or elaborate wood stair railings. You can ask to see samples or at least sample materials.

Step 4. Look at the sketch of the probable staircase railing design. Do you like the sketch? Then perhaps you should choose that design for your staircase.