When the hunter thinks about stalking and stillhunting he thinks about eye leve hunting. Meaning he is playing the predator and prey game at the game's eye level. In the case of deer hunting it means being on the ground and making yourself vulnerable to all the deers senses. Sure you can climb a tree and have greater success. But success isn't always about the game you bring home, sometimes it's about the experiences you have in the field. So if you want to start having eye level experiences, you have to start stalking and stillhunting. Here's a few tips to help you along.

First off it's important to have proper footwear. Heavy, hard soled boots are not the correct footwear. Soft soles and no elevate heals are the way to go. It's hard to beat a good pair of sneakers providing they are dark colored. Another good option is a pair of moccasins. The main objective here is to be able to feel the path in front of you with your feet while your eyes scan ahead. You should be able to pick out and avoid limbs, rocks, and many other noisy mistakes with just the toe of your foot.

Second, when you set about planning your hunt. Plan to hunt into the wind. If possible, keep the wind blowing in your face. All the high dollar scent lock gear you can purchase will not benefit you at ground level if you do not have the wind in your favor. So plan your hunt accordingly.

Third. Go slow. Take it easy and enjoy the sights and sounds around you. Howard Hill, in his book "Hunting the Hardway" described hunting with an indian guide who suggested you look and listen twice as much as you move. This is an excellent suggestion and an easy way to program yourself to do so is to take ten slow steps and then, at the same cadence, count in your head to twenty. Listen to your instincts though, if intuitions tells you to look and listen longer then do so.

Apply these simple suggestions in the field on your next hunt, and you will be haveing eye level experiences to share back at hunting camp. You may not always bag the game, but you will have some very enjoyable and memorable times.