Stamina Inversion Table

Benefits Of A Stamina Elite Inversion Table:

For someone who suffers from chronic back pain, no expense is too great to alleviate the painful symptoms of strain and tension in the back, hips and neck.  Proponents of inversion therapy using devices like stamina inversion tables suggest that by reversing the effects of gravity on the spine, you can relieve pressure on nerves and discs allowing moisture to return them to their natural state.  Stamina elite inversion tables are also said to straighten posture and misalignment's in the body that can lead to hip and leg pains.  

How Inversion Therapy Works:

Stamina inversion tables use your own body weight and the force of gravity to create a (generally) safe and natural traction.  Traction elongates the spine by putting more space between each vertebrae which relieves pressure.   Basically, you put yourself on the inversion table upright and lock your feet into place with ankle straps.  Then you slowly control the “inversion” as you get more comfortable with each position.  You start in the upright position, move to lying parrallel to the floor, and then gradually decrease your angle to the floor until you are almost hanging upside down. 

Flexibility With A Stamina Inversion Table:

Functional fitness can only be achieved through incorporating all three elements of fitness into your lifestyle- cardiovascular health, strength training, and flexibility.  After the enormous pressure cardiovascular and strength training exercises puts on the back and joints, proper stretching is required to maintain a healthy body.  Inversion therapy can be extremely beneficial for your joints after a workout.  The passive inversion process can help to properly hydrate discs and increase the effectiveness of post workout stretches as the ligaments in your joints are already extended before performing the stretch.  As a side benefit, using a stamina elite inversion table will also increase blood circulation which will help deliver the healing materials needed to your muscles.  

Types of Stamina Inversion Tables:

There are a number of different types of Stamina inversions tables available depending on what your goals are, whether they be fitness and flexibility or pain relief.

Stamina Inversion Pro with Assist - The Stamina elite inversion table adds a large padded handle to both sides of the table to assist you in inverting to several comfortable positions.  It also has heavily padded ankle straps to keep you comfortable while inverted.

Stamina Therapy Inversion System - The Stamina therapy inversion system ads a comfortable mesh backing that conforms to your body, in addition to the oversized cushion handles that allow you to easily return back to the upright position.

Stamina Seated Inversion - If you have difficulty getting in and out of the Stamina elite inversion table, the seated model allows you to sit comfortably while being strapped in by your doctor or physical therapist, but converts to a standard table as you begin leaning backwards.  It is designed to give you all of the benefits of a full inversion table, but without the trouble of getting on and off of the machine.