Wedding invitations may only be a small part of the entire wedding preparations, but it can be the necessary first step in giving the wedding guests a feel of what the atmosphere will be on the day itself. Plus, it is what builds the buzz around the event for all the intended guests.

Formal, casual, fun, intimate -- the invitation will let the invited know what to expect up to a certain point. It could even help them in choosing what they are going to wear to the occasion.

It pays, therefore, to make your wedding invitation as unique as possible without going over the top. This way the date is sure to stick out in the minds of all your soon to be wedding guests.

To create unique wedding invitations, one must include the couple's trademark, a symbol of your love that will immediately make the guests think of you when they see it.

Incorporating this with a traditional, classic design will add meaning to the invitation and not make it just another piece of paper that the recipient will merely set aside and promptly forget.

To achieve this effect, it might be more practical to design the invitation yourself, and have a creative friend or relative make the actual invitations for you. In the absence of a loved one who can help you, you may try browsing the internet.

There are a lot of online entrepreneurs who offer very affordable DIY wedding invitations. The steps are easy enough and will take only a minimal amount of time.

One just has to change the wording, add your personal touch, print and cut. And these websites even have envelopes that you can print and cut as well, which will save you the hassle of looking for envelopes that will fit your self-made invitations.

The wedding invitation must be an essential part of the celebration; a keepsake, something to help you rekindle the memories of a very special day, much like a photograph does. And there is nothing like making unique wedding invitations to make them memorable.