Do you have a lot of great ideas but just don’t know where to start to put them into action?  Do you start a lot of projects or goals to better your station, but never seem to get them done because you lose motivation?    I know I do.  I had to get the motivation to put this article into action.  I have been thinking about it but there were some things that I needed to do to get it done.


First, I had to decide that I wanted to do it.  I found this easy.  I have goals to write the articles I do this year.  It is part of my New Year to a New Me plan. Next, I had to find the reason “why” I wanted to do this.  I wanted to write this article to help you find your motivation to make yourself a better life.  I wanted to help myself reach my goals but helping you reach your goals.  After the decision to do something and finding out your “why” the process becomes a lot easier.  However, that does not mean that it will be easy.  Each of us are different and the “whys” will be different but the process is still the same.  We will get to this is a little bit.


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What is motivation?  The dictionary defines motivation as “giving a reason to act:  the act of giving someone a reason or incentive to do something.”  Motivation is a person enthusiasm to complete a task, goal, or job.  From a psychological standpoint, motivation is a reason for engaging in a certain behavior.  Motivation can be a negative or a positive feeling that leads to an outcome behavior. 


Sigmund Freud said we do things for two primary reasons:  Selfish pleasure seeking and avoidance of pain.  Today, we generally leave off the selfish part and just say we do things to seek pleasure of avoid pain.  I have yet to find a behavior we do that would go against this idea.  Freud did get this one right.


Take for instance, we go to work.  Going to work is not a natural thing we are born doing, so it is a learn behavior.  We get a reward from going to work.  We get a paycheck, but that paycheck is not a reward.  It is a piece of paper with unusually small numbers on it, besides, the taxes taking out part.  We do not go to work for a piece of paper.  You might say “well that paycheck is money.”  Well, money is not a reward either.  It is also just paper with ink on it.  I do love color of green it has.  It does excite me, but that is another matter.  The reward we get from going to work is the pleasure we get from getting a paycheck that can be converted to money, which can be used to buy something or do something, that will make us happy.  Therefore, we go to work to be happy. 


When we are not happy with what we are getting, that is when there is a lack of motivation for the work. We find motivation somewhere else.  This is the pleasure principle, which Freud first discussed. 


Now we may go to work for another reason.  We may go to work to get the paycheck, to convert to money, to pay the bills.  If we do not pay our electric bill, then the lights will be shut off.  We would not be happy and may be in some psychological pain.  Therefore, we will go to work to avoid the psychological pain of getting the lights shut off and having our spouse or children mad at us. 


Now that we know we do things to avoid pain or gain pleasure, which one do you think is a better motivator?  It depends on you and your situation.  It also depends on other factors.  You will have to determine this for your own self, because each of us is different. 


However, there are some things you can do to motivation yourself and others.  The rest of this article is to give you the information so you can determine what you need to do to motivate yourself. 


Decide what you want and why.  We talked about this in the beginning.  When you have clearly defined SMART goals and know the reason why you want something, then it will make it a lot easier. 


Next, ask yourself what you will gain when you achieve your goal.  This should motivate you if the gain is something you really want and need, instead of just a wish.  You have to want or need the outcome.  Write down some things you want or need when you get this accomplished.  Tell yourself the rewards. Give yourself a tangible reward, if applicable when you reach the goal.   


You should also ask yourself what you have to lose if you do not achieve this goal.  This should be a list of consequences that you will face if you do not accomplish this.  The consequences could be you lose your job.  This is an extreme one.  The loss could be you do not have any extra money to go to the movies this Friday.  This relatively minor, but could be important to your overall mental health. 


Get other people involved in the goal.  Tell them about your plans.  You will be more apt to achieving them because they may hold you accountable.  Plus, you may not want the negative image of being someone who does not accomplish things, so you will work harder to achieve them. 


Along with the SMART goal setting is you should have short and long term goals and deadlines associated with it.  For instance, I want to have this article written by 9 0’clock tonight and I will have it done, because I am more than halfway done now.  I can gauge my progress because I have a deadline set.


Concentrate of the outcomes.  The process can be fun, if you know the outcome will surely be there.  Get to work on the goal with the end in mind.  Do not get trapped in the thinking associated with the process without thinking of your end first.


Work on the project, goal, or job, even when you do not feel like it.  I had a college professor tell our class not to call him or give the excuse we were sick.  He said if you can make it to class and not contagious, we should come to class when we are sick.  His other piece of advice, for which I am sure he was not truly serious about, was to call in sick when we are not sick and enjoy the day.  I am not advocating this, but I am saying, just work on the project some even when you do not feel like it.  This will increase your motivation.  If you can accomplish something when you are not at your best, just think what you can do when you are. 


The next thing you can do to increase motivation is to find an accountability coach.  Find someone who can help you get motivated.  This can be a life coach, personal development coach, professional development coach, or just a trusted friend who is positive.   


Speaking of positive friends, when you are trying to get the motivation, stay away from the negative people in your life.  They will drag you down and suck the life and motivation right out of you.  I am not saying you have to write them out of your life, I am just saying when you are trying to find your motivation; you do not need their negative.  You need someone to push you, challenge you, and support you. 


That person who pushes you, challenges you, and supports you, should first BE YOU.  You have to tell yourself you can do it.  Even when you start to have doubts, tell yourself you can do it.  Tell yourself many times.  Out loud if you have to.  Start to behave like you already have accomplished it.  Talk like you have already accomplished it.  Funny thing about the mind, it cannot distinguish between reality and dreams without information from your internal talks.  The mind will start to think it can do anything, if you do not tell it otherwise. 


The positive person does not even have to be around you.  You can find your motivation from reading books, eBooks, and blogs.  You can listen to CD’s or videos of people, who can motivate you.  Do these things will get you to thinking positive thoughts and these can be put into action if you really want or need to.


The last piece of advice I can give about motivation, is to keep going even when things get bogged down and people start telling you it cannot be done.  It brings me more motivation when I can prove the people wrong who said I could not do it.  You can do this too.  Believe me, it feels GREAT.


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I want you to go and do something right now that will help your achieve a goal and become a better person.  You can check out my website and other articles to help you find more reason to lead the Level 10 Life.  My website is in the about the author page.


Make today and everyday a great day, by leading the Level 10 Life.  

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