Have you ever wondered about what it would take to stand up to cancer and become a survivor? Cancer is such a common disease that almost everyone has a family member or a friend who is battling this dreadful illness. While a cancer diagnosis is one of the hardest things that anyone will ever face, there is hope. Years ago a cancer diagnosis often meant losing your life, but things have changed for the better. Currently, there are many approaches to battling cancer successfully, both conventionally and in alternative medicine. If you or someone you know is battling this horrible disease, know that there are ways to stand up to cancer and become a survivor.

Remain positive and stand up to cancer. Although it may sound easier than what it really is, a positive dispositoin will work to your advantage. Research indicates that prolonged or deep emotional stress can deplete the body's immune resources. It diminishes the levels of B and T cells, both essential in fighting disease. Additionally, the body produces fewer antibodies such as IgA (a type of immunoglobulin that aids in fighting infection), and killer cells become less responsive.

Create a love circle. Surround yourself by those who love you and support you. Statistics show that cancer patients with supportive families and friends fare better when coping with a chronic illness. Stay away from negative persons or situations. Use your physical energy and immune resources to heal your body rather than dealing with negativity.

De-stress and fight against cancer. Engage in relaxing activities that you enjoy. This can serve as a de-stressing technique. Patients dealing with cancer must do all they can to minimize stress in their life, as stress lowers immunity.

Make positive lifestyle changes. At the top of the list of lifestyle changes needed to become a cancer survivor is nutrition. If possible, eat whole foods such as organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed meats and canned items. Although food preservatives are a controversial issue, the fact is that your body has to protect itself from any toxins you ingest instead of focusing on getting rid of cancer cells. Win the battle against cancer by feeding your body wholesome nutrition to help it fight cancerous cells.

Use the sun's light to your advantage. Walking 10 to 15 minutes three times per week in the morning's sunlight does more than provide vitamin D. Vitamin D3, which is a vitamin that affects hormone levels, also inhibits cancer cell growth. Laboratory tests conducted on animals reveal that vitamin D3 slowed down the progression of various types of cancers including leukemia, breast cancer, and mammary tumors. Additionally, the sunlight also aids in coping with depression, which is common in cancer patients. If you're already undergoing conventional chemotherapy or radiation treatment, consult your physician to make sure direct sunlight is safe for you.

Knowledge can help you stand up to cancer. There are many types of chemotherapy such as alkylating agents (most effective in the cell's resting phase), plant alkaloids (derived from plants) and anti-tumor antibiotics. Additionally, alternative medicine also has many options to offer such as naturopathic remedies, herbal supplements, acupuncture, reflexology, iridology and many other therapies. There is hope after receiving a cancer diagnosis, and hope is essential to help a patient stand up to cancer and become a survivor.


Choose the rright cancer-treatment program. Look for a cancer treatment program that incorporates nutrition, mental health and the strengthening of the immune system. Along with destroying cancer cells, these three factors are critical in order to win the battle against cancer.

Conventional doctors do not always discuss with you all the available options, particularly when it comes to alternative treatments. It's up to you to research all your options and make an informed decision. Knowledge about the disease can empower you to win the fight and remain positive during the process.

However, exercise caution. Although alternative treatments have helped many cancer patients, seek the help of a qualified professional. Not all natural practitioners are qualified to help individuals with such serious conditions like cancer.


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