Portable Generators

Nowadays, almost everybody is dependent to electricity. Due to technology, we use electricity to power our homes, business and industry. One cannot say he can have an easier life without using electrically-powered tools or appliances. So on an event of power outage; you can expect uproar in the community.

Don't let black-outs ruin your business or the comforts of home. Install a generator set to counter power-outage. Power generators can save your family in case you have an asthmatic family member, or a baby that needs to in an air conditioned room. It is a very essential also if you running a 24/7 server or security system. No matter what the case is, there is a generator that can fit your lifestyle or budget.

There are two types of generators, the portable and the permanent or standby generators. Portable generators are usually small and can be carried or transported to any location, while permanent generators are more expensive and like the name says - permanent, but it can supply a large amount of power to your home or building.

So choosing the right generator set depends on what you need as a home owner. Portable generators can be enough to those who choose on what power tools or appliances they need use in case of power blackouts. For lights, electric fans or a small TV a portable gen set delivering less than 1 kW can be enough. Powering an air conditioner and desktop computers inside a small office requires at least 20 kW of power. Of course there a lot of choices of portable gen set that ranges from 200 kW up to 6000 kW. Take note that portable gen set are powered by gasoline or diesel, they can produce carbon monoxide, a tasteless, odorless gas that can be fatal. Use necessary precautions and prepare a well ventilated space outside your home or office. Portable gensets are not automatic like the permanent ones, they need to be started or turned off manually, users also need to check for fuel or motor oil to avoid damage to the generator.

Permanent or standby genset are usually fueled by gas or diesel, it can deliver up to 20,000 kW and it automatically starts in an event of a power outage. It also turns itself off when power is available making it ideal for big buildings or businesses like hospitals, banks and factories. The disadvantage is that you can't easily relocate or transfer it, making it too expensive to be transported elsewhere.

Regardless what gen set you choose, be sure to install a transfer switch. This device will turn off the home or office's electrical current connection from the utility company before the generator starts running. This will stop the "back feed" into the utility lines, making a safer situation for the guys working on the utility lines.

Always check the gen set's manufacturer for warranty, never use it until you read and fully understand the manual. Safety must be your priority, when done right; your gen set will save you and your family from crisis.


Learn what to look for when buying either standby or portable generators and consider buying a sale generators online.