Backyard water cleanup is one of the best ways to prevent mosquitoes and also to kill the larvae.

As soon as the weather is warm enough for insects to start flying around, you need to get out in your yard and look for any standing water. Just make a habit of walking around the yard, maybe after work. Des-stress from your day, enjoy the nature and work on preventing mosquitoes! Mosquitoes, lay their egg in still water, and have been found in bird baths, (change it daily), planters, still water features, such as ponds. those old tires you may have behind the garage, wheel barrows, buckets, even backyard furniture that will hold rain and that doesn't get used for a while. Your kids toys, anything that forms a reservoir after a rain, can be the next new home for mosquitoes.

If you can do a backyard cleanup, each day, you will help prevent those swarms of mosquitoes that ruin your backyard fun.

If you have a large natural pond in your yard that tends to be still, why not consider aerating it? You can get a water feature for the middle, throw some lilies in there that tend to attract dragonflies. Which would be good, because dragonflies eat mosquito larvae and mosquitoes. Keep it moving, and you will avoid mosquitoes laying their eggs there. They need it still to lay their eggs.


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aerating your pond will keep it moving and stop mosquitoes from building a home.

Bats Can Help Too

Also before you start shooing those bats away from your yard in the dusk, keep in mind that they eat thousands of mosquitoes. So, why not build some bat houses for the other end of your yard. If there are a few trees, at the other end of your yard, then you can build and put up a few bat houses. This way they stay away from your house, but come out and do their job in the early evening hours when mosquitoes are getting going.

But water cleanup is the best way. Make sure it does not stand still for more than 24 hours. So, if you have a bird bath, change the it daily, by tipping it out, and adding fresh. If you have animal dishes outside, make sure to change the water daily and also clean their water bowl out with vinegar and water to prevent mold and mildew.


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If you have a dog that digs holes in his pen outside, then make sure and fill them in, because after a rain, water will stay in these holes, and mosquitoes will love that, and annoy your poor dog. We all know that mosquitoes can also spread disease, so by doing a quick check of your yard daily, and doing a standing water cleanup, may just help you with those swarms.

I saw an experiment done on TV, with regards to standing water and mosquitoes. In this experiment, they were using a plastic backyard chair. After a rainstorm a puddle formed in the center of the chair, after 2 days, mosquito larva were found, and if they hatch, this can be hundreds of new mosquitoes to your backyard! Just from a chair with a puddle of water in it.

So, before you start fogging your backyard with chemicals, find all the sources of water that does not drain away, and you will probably prevent many new mosquitoes from ruining your fun. This doesn't get rid of them all, but if you practice water cleanup, and burn a few citronella candles at your patio, and attract some bats and dragon flies to your yard, and have a running fountain in your pond, you have a fighting chance of being able to share the yard with these pests!