Stansted Airport is the UK's third largest airport in Essex so there is plenty of choice when it comes to Stansted car parking. There are many options of both price and types of places you'd like to leave your car. In this article we'll take a look at some of them and try to save money as well.

Stansted Airport Car Parking

There are many different operators all competing to look after your car while you fly away. Here are a few examples for 7 days in January:-

  • £35 − 7 days for the car with transport laid on to the terminal and back.
  • £44 - Approximately 15 minutes from the terminal and regular bus shuttles laid on.
  • £85 - Valet parking service where everything is close to the terminal and within walking distance.

Generally speaking, car parking will be more expensive at peak times, such as the school holidays, but savings can still be made. By booking well in advance, normally at the same time you book your package, flights or hotel it's possible to make savings up to 50% off. When making arrangements to book, it's always best to ask how secure your car will be during your time away.
Most of the car parking companies at Stansted are available on the internet, so have a look through checking out the prices for your date of departure.

Stansted parking - at hotels

If you'd prefer to stay the night near the airport for an early morning check-in, many hotels offer reduced rate car parking for their clients. These can often be far cheaper than the alternatives, but may not have the security some of the more expensive operators provide. Most of the hotels with car parking advertise on the internet, but will have more limited space, so book early.

Taxis - pre-booked

Many local taxi firms advertise online with special airport deals if you pre-book. This can be cheaper than parking at Stansted and certainly less stress. They will normally ask for your flight number so that they can meet you outside the Customs hall when you return to the UK.

Local residents

Some residents have started advertising parking services to airport travellers. This is a good way of parking your car at someone's home very cheaply, although you should make sure that you'l be happy leaving your car in their driveway for a week.

In all cases, make sure your insurance will be valid leaving your car while you are away, and hopefully have a great time away.

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