The StarCraft 2 game has somewhere around 100 different units when you consider the races and the potential for add ons within the game. This is a lot to commit to memory in a short time as you're learning to play, thus a comprehensive and complete list will help you immensely. Online resources that offer StarCraft 2 units guides are a great place to start provided that the information you're receiving is accurate and useful. The number of individual units can seem like an overwhelming number of units to commit to, but since you're more than likely only going to develop one race, your intimate knowledge will initially be about one third that number.

Some of the units that you'll find in the StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty game are actually units that you'll probably be familiar with. If you played the original version you'll have experienced them before. There are, however some new upgrades available and some units have increased power. For instance, the melee unit, Protoss zealot, is found in the original game. It now has the additional ability for research. This means that you can get to enemy units faster and with more accuracy than before. there are some units in the original game that have actually been replaced or deleted.

The basic reason for the unit improvements in StarCraft 2 is to allow the units to have a more comprehensive interaction within the environment of the game. Some units can get through various terrain while others can teleport themselves for specified distances. If you like warping, you'll love that there are now Protoss units that can warp into the pylon powered areas provided that there is a warp gate available. This is very similar to a gateway.

Some units will be available to you all the time while others will not be permitted into the multiplayer options. If you use custom maps, however, you can still find those units available. Depending on your favorites from the previous version, you might find that you can't play some of those units at all. Diamondback is one of the units that really hasn't been included in the additional development of the game. Yet the Terran wraith and the Terran vulture are available.

If you're looking for the complete versions of StarCraft 2 units guide remember that you'll look for all the specifics. One such specific would include the armored personnel carrier. This is a mobile transport unit that is designed to hold your infantry while you cross terrain. It can transport 16 individual infantry members and it is equipped with an autocannon to help get the unit there. The range of this carrier is 7, you can expect 150 hit points of protection value, and a damage infliction score of 6. If the vehicle is destroyed you don't lose the unit. Rather they are able to take up battle wherever they have landed.

The Hercules drop ship is another valuable transport unit that is in the single player campaign. You can transport 30 individuals and offer 500 hit points of protection. The instant deployment of escape pods is essential.

The more you study a complete StarCraft 2 units guide the more readily you will be able to select and use the proper units and equipment for playing the game competitively.