The best StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty guide would be able to bring all three segments of the trilogy into full form. Yet there just isn't enough viable information available to do that since the inception of the third trilogy is just getting started. There are plenty of players with insight and the forums are most definitely a good place to stop and get tips and speculation. Since the release of the Wings of Liberty game topped 3 million active sales within just its first month on the market, there are more than enough players to give feedback.

The basic premise of the StarCraft games is nothing new. A fictitious time and universe is created and each mission is designed to teach you the game and accelerate your learning experience as you work through it. The first missions are really just about learning the ropes of the game and being introduced to the concepts you'll need. The events that you set up in a previous battle is going to carry through to the next battle and so forth so that you can build a real story within a story as you play. Since the first StarCraft game came out a decade ago, the development of this new release includes a heavy dose of new and interesting features and add-ons.

Blizzard Entertainment and Facebook have joined forces to make easy and fast searches available to help players connect with each other. If you're playing StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty but you need help or a new opponent, a simple Facebook search will yield what you need. Global playoffs will also be interesting as the most serious and skilled players will battle it out for cash prizes that are above the two hundred dollar mark. There is more to come as the game continues to undergo development.

The StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty guide should tell you that the story line picks up about 4 years after the Brood War. Acturus and his son are busy trying to reestablish the empire. The challenges they face from Kel Morian Combine and the Umojan Protectorate play a significant role. Jim Raynor is being hunted. Sarah Kerrigan is now infested and is leading the command of the Zergs. Each character is playing a role that is predefined but far from determined.

Without enough resources, Raynor's Raiders make some rather disheartened attempts to take down the Dominions to no avail. They try to find artifacts for the Foundation because the need for cash is high without any real resources. While Zeratul's most distinctive role will be played out in the third segment of the trilogy, there is an attempt to warn Raynor of his futility and the potential for doom. The drama develops from there.

We will learn more about the infested Sarah Kerrigan in the second segment of the trilogy, the Heart of the Swarm. The game will continue to develop a new story line in the third segment, Legacy of the Void, which will spotlight the plight of the Protoss race.