The Legacy of the Void will be the third segment in the StarCraft 2 trilogy but it certainly isn't going to be a rehashed version of the original. This game is set to take you in a third direction, as the first two in the trilogy were set to take you in different directions as well. The game should be available in 2014 and will be the supporting story of the Protoss race. The entire series is designed to take you through a four year experience, following Jim Raynor. It plays off of the original events set forth in the Brood War and Jim Raynor will be mounting forces against the Terran Dominion.

This part of the series is devoted to the aftermath of the events that happened when Sarah Kerrigan was left in the brutal hands of the Zerg swarm. She was left to die as she called in for reinforcements, which never came as the command to leave the planet was followed instead. There is a nice mix of new characters and locations as well as returning favorites.

The trilogy will be released in order, giving Wings of Liberty the highest connection with the story line of the Brood War, followed by the Heart of the Swarm. By the time Legacy of the Void comes out, there should be some changes in the story line to maintain a reasonable flow. Heart of the Swarm will be released during the year 2012.

The campaign of Legacy of the Void is expected to have a heavy focus on Zeratul. Diplomacy will be the name of the game and there will be some interesting Proptoss surprises. When you play this part of the trilogy your focus will be selecting and building the Protoss tribes and developing strong leadership within the sects. If you can unite the tribes of Protoss you will have accomplished a huge role in the game, especially considering that as you develop one tribe there can be reactions created in other tribes. Alienating the wrong tribal leadership or too many sects will result in being cut off from various parts of this campaign. The race's survival depends on your ability to truly develop strong leadership and unite the tribes.

The race has been on the brink of extinction since before the start of the Great War. As the other races became stronger the Protoss race found that it was the victim of continual slaughter and random acts of destruction. The race needs a leader to come in and unite them as one if there is any hope of avoiding such extinction.

Until much closer to the anticipated date of release, there will be little else other than speculation as forums light up with thoughts about the Legacy of the Void. The development of the story line will most likely be put off until much closer to the release date as Blizzard Entertainment looks for feedback regarding the first two releases within the trilogy. For most gamers, the release of the third in the trilogy will earmark a new turn in the game. The closer we get to the official date of release the more information we should expect to see trickling out onto the internet from reliable sources.

More the 3 million copies of the StarCraft 2 game Wings of Liberty were sold within thirty days of its release. The popularity of the game and the anticipation of the remaining segments will be awaited by millions around the world.