Installing star drawer pulls on your existing dresser drawer may be a great way to decorate your room in a rustic or country theme. Texas star drawer pulls are actually quite common due to the state flag of Texas and the country theme of the state in general and these types of drawer pulls are not all that expensive. You probably aren't going to find them I most stores but when you shop online at specialty hardware stores you will find that the prices tend to be reasonable and no different than basic dresser drawer pulls made from conventional designs of brass, steel or oil rubbed bronze.

Cast Iron Star Drawer Pull - Star ShapedMany dressers both new and old have brushed nickel drawer pulls or a similar metal for their dresser drawer handles. These are fine but they are very similar across the board; everyone has pretty much the same kinds of items. If you want to be different however you can get specialty drawer pulls like start drawer pulls or any other unique kind of shape. Depending on the style you can go for a kid's themed focused on stars and astronomy or you can go for a country inspired Texas themed room. The options are as wide as your imagination.

Many kids in particular fantasize about becoming movie stars and buying star drawer pulls that are more geared for glitz and glammer may be a good way to go. It's almost amazing how a simple star can focus one's create imagination on so many different types of themes. Depending on the metal whether it is rustic iron or shinny chrome the star drawer pull can work with many different themes.

Where Too Buy Star Drawer Pulls And Knobs

Black Star Shaped Cabinet KnobAs previously stated if you are looking for specialty items like crystal drawer pulls, porcelain doorknobs, or star shaped drawer knobs then you are not likely going to find what you are looking for by simply walking into your local hardware store. There are many hardware stores online however which focus strictly on specialty items in the decorative hardware section. To get the exact star drawer knob you are going to have to get familiar with some of these shops and get familar witht he many different kinds of materials that can be used to make drawer pulls, knobs, cabinet backplates, and other types of decorative hardware.

A couple shops you may want to consider include The Texas General Store, All That Cowboy, The Hardware Hut, or bigger retailers like Amazon and eBay. Regarding Amazon and eBay specifically these retailers have the benefit of bringing small niche retailers together with customers looking for specialty items like these. You can usually find something at least close to what you are looking for with little effort and for a good price.

Remember different types of star drawer pulls are going to depict different kinds of moods and decorative styles. If you are going for a more rustic or country mood look for rustic star drawer pulls made of weathered iron or copper and if you are going for more glitz then go for more razzle dazzle style star knobs made of shinny metals possibly colored and embellished. Star drawer pulls are definitely unique so once you find what you are looking for you will likely be the only one on the block with your design.