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Star Tattooed on Facebook is the brainchild of award winning producer and songwriter Miro Gechev and Dary Oreshkova.  Miro Gechev has already gained immense popularity for various music hits, and now, he has conceptualized a musical compilation of numerous hit makers and released the same to different parts of Europe, Russia and Israel. 

Now, we can easily find Star Tattooed on Facebook and listen to the musical brilliance which Mr. Gechev has put together for us.  If his work has been adored and recognized by various award giving bodies in Bulgaria, it would surely be interesting for the world to see on what he has to offer which makes his music appreciated and sought after in his own country.

Where it all Started

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It was in the year 2005 where Mito Gechev established his first record label, then known as 2AM.  During said year Gechev had already attained much media attention and gained respect from the music industry, following his string of hits for many Bulgarian performers which include the song, “Ti Beshe” by Rushi Vidinliev.   Success did not naturally come overnight, as the fruits of the same were felt a year thereafter when the single “Make Me High” by AVA was released. Recognition was later given during the MMTV’s Annual Music Awards where it was declared the “Viewers Choice Hit for 2006″.

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At present, Star Tattooed has also paved the way for setting top hits in the musical scene, and artists who have joined in this project have found themselves performing soon-to-be hit makers which can only mean that songs included in Star Tattooed’s compilation have what it takes to make it big in the musical world.  We all know how hard it is to come out with a potential hit maker, but when Star Tattooed includes a single in its arsenal, we can very well expect it to be one of the best because of the standards set by it.

After all, it was put together by a musical genius who has popularized a lot of musical hits and who presumably had the vision of seeing for himself which songs would make it to the top of the charts and which would not. With his reputation always at stake, we can very well expect that all songs included were thoroughly screened and considered.

What to Expect From Star Tattooed

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Considering that it is a compilation of the hits made by equally popular Bulgarian artists, listeners can very well expect that they will get their money and their time’s worth when they have the opportunity to hear the string of hits put together.  Clearly, a musical genius has put into action his prowess, and being part now of the biggest and most popular social networking site today, more people will get to know the musical talent which has only been enjoyed in some parts of Europe.

Miro Gechev himself is a recognized musical Einstein in Bulgaria, his homeland.  It is no wonder why in a short span of time, his recording label had encountered not much difficulty in attaining the success which it enjoys in the world at present.  Avid listeners have counted and put their faith on Miro Gechev in putting together a musical masterpiece collection which everyone will surely enjoy.  Simple, easy to listen to, and exceptional music which enthusiasts would surely love to hear.

People are expected to have high expectations on Star Tattooed, most especially if a well-known and respectable producer and songwriter is behind the curtains of its success.  And fortunately, they will not be disappointed when they get to listen firsthand what Mr. Gechev has in store for present and would-be listeners.  In the end, people will not feel sorry or be frustrated for having devoted a portion of their time to checking out what Star Tattooed has to offer.

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It then comes of no surprise why there is a sudden decision to join Facebook where they can undeniably reach millions of fans from all over the world. Now, people have discovered for themselves that musical artists can be found in small European countries that are also looking to make a big break in the social scene.  This also serves as an eye opener for individuals because their attention is now caught and drawn to the fact that good musical hits are not necessarily confined to certain countries.

They learn from themselves that all over the world, there are also local hits which have the capability of making it big in the international scene, with the proper advertisement and marketing.  Fortunately, the internet age has now made this much easier since people can listen to hits from all over the world and play it in the airwaves, thanks to the use of the web.

To best illustrate people’s reaction to this musical compilation, we borrow a hit released in the year 2008, entitled “What a music!”  This reaction, taken in a positive light, can very well reflect the sentiments of those who have seen what Star Tattooed has to offer, and being a consistent awardee of the notable Musical award giving bodies since the time it was created, we can see people shaking their head in ecstasy shouting “What a music!” with smiles on their faces.  What it has to offer is something unique and quite different from the songs which we usually hear nowadays, a breath of fresh air from the usual things which we hear and watch on music television.

In 2008, another track by Star Tattooed was released through Airplay Records/Universal Music - France, called "What A Music!", which reached the top 10 for vinyl sales chart on French DJBuzz.com. The videoclip of "What A Music!" is directed by Lachezar Avramov. Single remixed by Enzo Mori & Stephan Clark (2007), Fred De F (2008


In conclusion, Star Tattooed on Facebook, coming from humble beginnings and backed with a famous and popular songwriter-producer, it comes of no surprise why it has slowly gained immense popularity nowadays.  The music has not fallen short of the people’s expectations, and they soon learn for themselves that they have been missing a lot in the music industry because of talent which has not been shared at an earlier time to other parts of the world.

Thanks to Facebook, which is undeniably one of the popular networking sites nowadays, we are able to appreciate and recognize the artistic geniuses from different countries, a talent which should be shared and enjoyed by all. Thus, from its humble beginnings, Star Tattooed on Facebook slowly has found its way to climb to the top of the world.