Star Wars dog costumes for Halloween are great because they are both cute and funny. They have officially licensed products for the most memorable characters: Yoda, Darth Vader, and Princess Leia with the bun hairdo. Everyone will recognize these classic characters, whether they are a Star Wars fan or not. You don't even need to have seen the movies to enjoy these costumes.

These outfits are great for several reasons, but the main one is because they all have arms attached. Your dog's front paws are the legs in this outfit, and sewn on arms hand from the side. Most costumes don't do this and instead cover most of the dog's body. This costume is best seen from the front. These costumes retailed for over $20, but they can be found cheaper than that at online retailers like Amazon.

Yoda Dog Costume

Yoda Dog CostumeEveryone's favorite Star Wars character is probably the Jedi Master Yoda. This small green puppet might have talked funny, but his words still carried wisdom. He first appears in The Empire Strikes Back, where he trains Luke Skywalker after the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is seen again for a short time in The Return of the Jedi before he dies of old age (or becomes one with the force). He was also a bright spot in the prequel trilogy.

Yoda's most memorable feature is his large green ears, and this Star Wars costume for dogs takes advantage of that. The headpiece has the green top of the head as well as the ears. I feel this is an important part of the costume, so it works best for dogs who are good natured about wearing clothing. Of course, they don't have to keep it on for long, but you do want to get some pictures of the full outfit.

The other piece of the Yoda dog costume is the brown robes. This has the attached arms with green hands and there is some green by the paws to make it look more like Yoda's feet. This is available in different sizes, so be sure to check the measurements so you get one that will fit your pup.

Darth Vader Dog Costume

Darth Vader Dog CostumeWhile I feel that Yoda is the more beloved character, I think that Darth Vader is the most recognizable one. He was the villain throughout A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return of the Jedi, but he is redeemed in the end. The prequel trilogy details his journey from a slave boy named Anakin to a young Jedi Knight to the evil Darth Vader. His gleaming black costume is known by everyone, as his the heavy breathing sound and James Earl Jones booming voice.

This Darth Vader dog costume has all of the great details, but doesn't come with the breathing sound or James Earl Jones. Like the Yoda outfit, this comes in two pieces. The headpiece is simple and black and I don't feel it is as essential as Yoda's to complete the costume. The jumpsuit has the gloved arms attached at the side. The detailing on the jumpsuit is what makes this so cool looking.

Princess Leia Dog Costume

Princess Leia Dog CostumeThere are two outfit's of Princess Leia that everyone remembers: the white dress in A New Hope when she wore her hair in large buns on the side of her head and the slave girl bikini outfit from Return of the Jedi. Fortunately this is the former.

Princess Leia is the daughter of Darth Vader and twin sister to Luke Skywalker, but we don't know that when we first see her in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. She is one of the rebel leaders and despite her silly hairdo is one of the smartest and most capable characters in the movie. But the silly hairdo is what makes this costume so cool.

This is perhaps my favorite of the three Star Wars dog costumes. The headpiece is the iconic hair in buns and the tunic is just like the dress we first see Leia in. It has a belt and attached arms with flesh colored hands. This is perfect for your girl dog. Or, if you are feeling a little cruel, your boy dog.

This was made in the US and is of pretty good quality for a dog costume. If you have multiple dogs you'll want to keep an eye on them so they don't get tempted to try to rip the arms off of the costume. Unfortunately that is a concern with many dog costumes, so these are best for either quick photo sessions or for well behaved dogs who can handle wearing an outfit while trick or treating with their family.

Good for the Whole Family

Star Wars remains a popular franchise for kids today. So if you have your son or daughter going as a Star Wars character, you can have your dog matching. Even if you feel that George Lucas is trying to ruin your childhood with his numerous edits and prequels, you can still feel the love for these three iconic characters. Yoda, Darth Vader, and Princess Leia all remain cool.

If you don't have children but do have multiple dogs, this is a good choice if you want them to have a matching theme. Yoda and Darth Vader weren't friends, but there is no reason their canine counterparts can't be. The Star Wars dog costumes are good for photo opportunities or for going trick or treating. Everyone will smile when they see these costumes.

While these Star Wars dog costumes are some of my favorite choices for Halloween, there are several others that you can consider. If you want to go the officially licensed character route, there are several Disney Dog costumes that you can choose from. Pirate dog costumes are another cool option with several different brands and styles to pick from. There are also a lot of different animals that your dog can dress up as on October 31st, such as a bumblebee or a cow. Whatever you choose, make sure that your dog is always supervised on the holidays so they don't ingest part of their costume or get a hold of your candy stash.